Strategic Management Program Equips with the In-Demand Skills


With a unique educational program that focuses on strategic management in accounting provides graduates with skills such as: advanced accounting, financial management and strategic management expertise. With the Strategic management – Accounting program, offered by Centennial College you get to learn more about the area which is described as “a form of management accounting in which emphasis is placed on information which relates to factors external to the firm, as well as non-financial information and internally generated information.”


With a degree in strategic management in accounting; the professionals get to deal with the relative cost position; the ways in which a company may secure a sustainable cost advantage; and costs of differentiation such as what makes their product different and hence more attractive.


The sectors where you can find an employment as accounting supervisors, accounting managers, assistant controllers, and controller and business analysts, in offices like financial institutions, government offices, public accounting firms, manufacturing industries, service industries, small business and self-employment.


The Strategic Management in Canada program offered at Centennial College gets complete within a year’s time, for which the applicants are required to have a college diploma or university degree in an accounting discipline. Additionally, they must need to prove their English proficiency. The Strategic Management in accounting will also consider applicants with partial post-secondary in an accounting discipline and relevant work experience (transcript and resume review is required).


Once cleared through the admission process, the students in the Strategic Management in Accounting gain a perspective on the organizational techniques required for the effective execution of strategic decisions, and the critical role that managerial leadership plays in the viability and growth of the business. In addition to this,  they continue to learn and enhance their understanding about the areas of financial accounting, management accounting, taxation and auditing.


The students of strategic management acquires enough knowledge of what to expect from the field, with the course’s fast-paced, one year format, as it includes learning tools such as case studies and simulations, leading-edge managerial and leadership practices of the best companies in the world, hands-on exposure to the latest technology applications in the area of management information systems, including ERP systems; and more.


Along with this, the college houses a team of proficient professors with strong academic backgrounds, extensive business and management experience in the area of Strategic Management. Specific courses covered in this Strategic Management program include: Contemporary Organizational Behaviour, Accounting Theory and Policy, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Advanced Taxation, Information Systems for Business Management, Operations Management for Products and Services, Advanced Auditing, and more.  


Students who attend the Strategic Management in Accounting in Canada get a number of options upon graduation. In addition to entering the field, they may obtain an MBA, pursuant to the articulation agreement negotiated by the School of Business with other institutions. This program’s education partner is the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario. In addition, students can apply to CGA-Ontario, and depending on their academic background, may receive up to four levels of CGA transfer credits.
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