Sales Management Program Provides Short, Intensive Training


Just by attending a sales management program such as Centennial College’s Marketing - Sales and Account Management, students are setting themselves up for success in a variety of areas, including: medical and dental technology, hardware and software vendors, pharmaceutical and packaged goods companies. At these places, graduates of sales management program acquire and maintain relationships with major client accounts of mid to large sized companies that have their own sales force.  They also have various titles such as: key account manager, account executive, commercial sales representative, sales specialist, technical sales representative, sales consultant, sales coordinator, inside sales representative, territory sales representative and more. Although each title has its own set of responsibilities, Centennial College’s sales management program offers the skills needed to succeed.


Geared towards mature learners with a business background or previous post-secondary education, this program offers an intense pace as it is completed in just two semesters. The main focus is to ensure that students gain a solid foundation in the intricacies of acquiring and maintaining relationships with major client accounts. In order to do this in just two semesters courses are packed with role playing, simulation and case studies that are geared towards developing selling, negotiating and presentation skills. Students of the account management program also learn sales force automation software. Specific sales management program courses include: Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics, Marketing Analysis and Planning, Fundamentals of Selling, Fundamentals of Project Management, Fundamentals of Selling, Employment Preparedness, B2B Marketing, Strategic Account Development, Sales and Account Management, Sales Force Automation & Technology, and more.


Additionally, because the account management program is housed at Centennial College’s Progress Campus, which is also home to other School of Business programs, students have the opportunity to network with peers and professors from other business programs.


Because this offering results in an Ontario College Graduate Certificate, students are required to submit an official transcript proving that they have completed a college diploma or university degree. Applicants must also attend an interview with officials, submit a resume and undergo an English and/or math skills assessment. Centennial College will also consider applicants presenting a combination of partial post-secondary education and relevant work experience, open to all disciplines.


Once they are accepted into the sales management program, requirements continue for students, as they must maintain a C grade average and an overall GPA of 2.0. Once they receive their Ontario College Graduate Certificate, graduates of the sales management program may apply for the various positions previously mentioned. If, however, they would like to gain even more experience, an optional third semester internship in the sales account management program is available. 



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