Recreation Management Courses Lead to Various Careers

Did you know that attending the recreation management degree within Centennial College’s Recreation and Leisure Services gives students the know-how to pursue careers as leaders, teachers, group facilitators, advocates, referral workers, counsellors, outreach workers or coaches in settings such as long-term care settings, hospitals, municipal community recreation centres, school-aged childcare centres rehabilitation centres and youth-focused organizations? That’s because in the two years spent in the program, students graduate with the abilities to create, plan, implement and evaluate recreation and leisure programs and special events, which respond to identified needs and maximize the delivery of the benefits of recreation; apply the principles of marketing to the promotion of the benefits of recreation and leisure programs, special events, services and facilities; generate revenue for recreation and leisure programs, special events, services and facilities by applying sound business principles; educate others regarding the value and benefits of recreation, leisure and lifestyle enhancement; and apply administration skills to recreation and leisure settings; and much more. 

But how do Centennial College’s recreation and leisure courses, which take two years to complete, take students from novices to experts? First and foremost, course themes include: programming, communication and group skills, community development, life span development, diversity and recreation management. As such, students become familiar with the most important aspects of the field. Secondly, all courses have a combination of theoretical and practical aspects so that students can apply what they have learned, while also reflecting current recreational focus on wellness, culture and heritage. This is especially vital in Canada’s multicultural society. Among specific recreation management courses are: Gerontology and Wellness, Child and Youth Development, Group Dynamics, Recreation Programming, Advanced Computer Applications, Healthy Lifestyle Management, Festivals and Event Management, The Business of Recreation, and more.

Thirdly, aside from their recreation management courses, students attend four field placements, during which they can apply their skills to the real world and develop and practice the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to the recreation and leisure practitioners’ role of facilitating leisure for others. In order to partake in this aspect of the offering, students are required to: obtain a clear police check with vulnerable sector screening, provide proof of immunization requirements, and achieve a minimum C grade in each English course. All of these requirements must be in effect for the entire duration of each placement.

Applicants to Centennial College’s recreation management courses in Canada are expected to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. They must also have completed the compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent. Lastly, a program admission session is required and English proficiency will be considered. Although it is not a requirement, volunteer work is recommended prior to application. Attending a program admission session is also highly recommended.
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