Only Two Semesters are needed to Complete Heritage Management Courses

Did you know that Centennial College has heritage management courses in its Culture and Heritage Site Management program that will prepare you with the skills you need to establish long-lasting careers in culture and heritage site management? In just two semesters, if you have already obtained a college diploma or university degree in any discipline, you can graduate from these heritage management courses with an Ontario College Graduate Certificate. In addition to having a previous diploma or degree, applicants to this offering must submit a resume with relevant work experience may be. The Culture and Heritage Site Management program will consider applicants with partial post secondary education and relevant work experience in the field.

Students who are accepted into Centennial College’s culture courses and heritage management courses are engaged in practical management courses as well as industry-based subjects relevant to this largely publicly run or not-for-profit culture and heritage sector. The offering also pursues an in-depth exploration of issues and cases pertinent to current challenges confronting cultural and heritage organizations at home and abroad.

Specific culture and heritage management courses include: Issues in Heritage, Museums and Galleries (provides a framework for learners to engage with some of the current key challenges and trends confronting the culture and heritage sector practitioner. The relationship between sites and individuals; public participation in heritage; museum and gallery processes and activities; sustainability; political dimensions associated with heritage tourism; the drivers of construction and presentation of how visitors consume heritage and culture is examined through essays, guest speakers and site visits); Financial Management and Planning for Culture and Heritage (introduces the aspiring culture and heritage sector practitioner to the bookkeeping, accounting and financial principles underlying sound management decision making in sector organizations); Culture and Heritage Management Essentials (theory and practice facilitates the development of the basic skill set required by the generalist practitioner administering the day-to-day operations of the gamut of sector establishments and venues); and many others.

During their time attending culture course and heritage management courses, students are based at the Progress Campus location, which is home to all of the School of Tourism and Hospitality’s programs. As such students have many opportunities to network and socialize with peers from similar programs and use hospitality and tourism facilities to their advantage.

Centennial College has built partnerships with local, regional, provincial and national institutions and establishments that accept students for a two-day-per-week, 15-week field placement during the second semester. This is an opportunity for students attending Centennial College’s culture courses and heritage management courses to apply what they have learned as well as learn from industry professionals currently practicing their art

Upon completion of the culture courses and heritage management courses at Centennial College, students go on to work at one of Canada’s 2,500 museums and related institutions that include not-for-profit museums, art galleries, science centres, aquaria, archives, sports halls-of-fame, artist-run centres, zoos, and heritage sites. Annually, these places attract more than 59 million visitors. A further 60 million visit Canada’s historic sites and natural parks. These types of establishments and facilities require professionals trained in the very particular skill set taught at Centennial College.

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