Know the Global Business Better with the International Business Program


Since, globalization becoming a norm in the business world; a need has arise to have trained professionals to ensure that international business transactions go well. International business program offered by Centennial College is designed, with an aim to groom the students to pursue careers in the manufacturing and production sector, retail and distribution, transportation or as part of a consulting firm.


With this two years International Business courses in Canada; the student gets both a solid general business foundation as well as learns about the specialized international business concepts. For those who are interested in applying needs to have at least an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or have mature student status (19 years or older). In addition, they must possess the English Grade 12 C or U or equivalent, or skills assessment; and the Math Grade 11 C, M or U, or Grade 12 C or U or equivalent or skills assessment.


As mentioned earlier, the International Business program is a perfect blend of general business courses and more specialized knowledge. The general courses offer a foundation and include: Strategies for Business Success, Fundamentals of Business, Microcomputer Applications Software, Mathematics of Finance.


On the other hand, the advanced International Business course covers topics such as: processing customs compliance documents, assisting in the transportation of goods to and from locations throughout the world and taking on a support role in the marketing and sale of Canadian goods in the global marketplace.


Upon graduating the International Business program, students can have a plethora of career options. Among the positions they can hold are Customs Compliance Analyst (applies for tariff concessions, posts bonds for products being imported, signs documents on behalf of clients, requests or compiles necessary import documentation); Import/Export Documentation Specialist (works with customs agents, warehouse staff, shipping companies and clients; helps with shipping, receiving and record keeping for international transaction); Global Logistics Assistant (handles a company’s shipping and receiving processes; makes sure shelves are stocked, orders are tracked and invoices are filed; often bargains with manufacturing salespeople on costs, as well as loads and unloads trucks that deliver goods).


In addition to this, International Business Program in Canada maintains a number of university articulations, graduates may get both a college and university degree in a shorter period of time by applying their credits towards a degree with Algoma University and University of New Brunswick.


To end it up, the students with a graduation have the option of transferring into the three-year International Business program at Centennial College. With this they can acquire more advanced knowledge of the international business.

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