International Business Management Allows for Cultural Experiences



If you’re looking for an International Business Management program that not only prepares you for the industry but also allows for a smooth transition into further education, you may want to consider the one offered at Centennial College. This one-year offering is geared to students who have already completed a college or university credential and allows individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds to gain the global business knowledge necessary in leveraging their career prospects. Upon completion, students have the opportunity to continue their studies and apply their centennial credits towards a master’s degree with the program’s university partners: University of Western Sydney, Griffith University and Centenary College. If, however, they want to enter the International Business Management field right away, they can do so in positions such as Foreign Investment and Risk Analysts, Foreign Trade Consultants, Commercial Bank Officers, International Marketing Representatives, International Development Assistants.


In order to apply to the International Business Management program, students are required to have completed a college diploma or university degree in any discipline. In addition, proof of English proficiency may be required. Please note that this program will consider applicants with partial post-secondary and relevant work experience (transcript and resume review is required).


Once they are in the program, students will discover a program that thrives on the belief that business today, whether large, medium or small, is inevitably international and that recognition is vital to its survival in a globalized world economy. As such, an emphasis is placed on the use of computer and Internet technology in performing international business functions to ensure that students have the necessary skills for career success in the current international business environment. An extensive use of case studies, simulations and project-based learning, with focus on developing project management, teamwork, report writing and communication and presentation skills round out teaching methods.


These teaching methods are used throughout, including in the first semester of this International Business Management program, which includes foundational courses such as Business Presentations, Comparative Geopolitical Systems, Global Business Strategy, International Development and more. The second semester of International Business Management offers provides specialized, industry-valued courses. Among these are: International Marketing and Trade (a study of international marketing in a global economy. Practical application is in the development of an international/global marketing plan of an existing or potential consumer good); International Finance and Training (provides opportunities in understanding the role of finance in global business activities, financial markets and institutions affect everyday life); Import and Export Management (emphasis is on entrepreneurial activities, including sourcing, purchasing from Canadian sources and placing products in strategic international markets. The importing and exporting processes will be emphasized, as will government initiatives and programs that exist to support there endeavors in international business); and more.


To round out International Business Management training, Centennial College offers a Business Experiential Learning course that allows the student to experience the Canadian work environment and to apply various skills learned in the first and second semesters of the program. Each student is assigned to an external host organization as an intern and must take instruction and direction from the employer regarding their tasks while on the job.

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