Hone Your Marketing Skills with a Comprehensive Business Marketing program


Excellent marketing is more like a timeless composition – it just sticks in your head! And therefore, this field is witnessing a tremendous growth rate. With Centennial college’s business marketing programs; you can learn everything about promoting anything ranging from cell phones to toothpaste.


The best campaigns certainly stay with you, but it requires great deal of skills which can be developed and cultivated with the right educational approach. Business marketing degree in Canada from Centennial College can get you to the top!

In the globalized world, the business marketing programs are usually of two types: university degrees and college diplomas. A large number of people usually go for a degree, there are employers who look out for candidates who have acquired the skills very well. And it is here that college programs thrive.


The business marketing degree by Centennial College teaches you the fundamental business concepts, and does not limit your talents to the textbook reading. You will get the much desired and valuable experience of working on projects, which allows you to apply your learning and explore the world of marketing and how it actually works.

A majority of colleges offer a business marketing program however, this year Centennial College’s marketing programs took the spotlight; it walked away with a first place in 2011’s Ontario College’s Marketing Competition (OCMC). The OCMC is a very prestigious competition where the business students from different colleges in Ontario examine and put their marketing skills to the test in front of a panel of industry judges.


The credit for this success of Centennial College’s business marketing degree course goes to their innovative approach and diverse faculty experience. With its two-year and three-year marketing options; it allows the students kick start with basics of the business world, so they can acquire a good grasp of human resources, international business, accounting and finance before actually commencing in the world of marketing.  


Known for its flexibility, business marketing program presents two options before the students – either they can enter the industry right away after graduation or continue with the three-year program. The three-year program offers access to specialized marketing courses and the chance for a paid co-op with a Toronto-based marketing agency.  


For those preferring to partake in the university degree, Centennial’s School of Business maintains several university partnerships with traditional universities like University of New Brunswick and Ryerson University, as well as online universities like Royal Roads University and Athabasca, which enables you to earn a business marketing degree through distance education.


These universities have recognized the business marketing program in Canada; provided you maintain a certain average, they will apply your college credits so that you can earn both a college diploma and degree in less time.
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