Whether your dream is to pilot aircraft or work hands-on as a maintenance or avionics technician, colleges are a great place to receive technical training and watch your career take off.

As you begin your search for a good post-secondary program, you’ll discover that each school has its own specialty. For aviation programs the most well known and the largest training facility in Canada is Centennial College’s Ashtonbee campus. Whether you love working with your hands and specializing in the mechanical components of Aircraft Technician Training, trouble shooting their electronic systems, or jumping into the front seat of the cockpit and piloting the plane, their specialized program offerings can help you get there. 

Aircraft Maintenance

How many students can boast that they study in a fully equipped hangar? If you’re a student of this program you can. Centennial’s Aircraft Maintenance program is designed for students who are interested in specializing in the mechanical components of aircraft like hydraulics, fuel systems and undercarriage systems. The hands-on learning offered in these programs is invaluable and prepares graduates to be career ready. Aircraft Technician Course program also maintains a partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Graduates of this program may be eligible to apply their college credits and earn a Technology Management Degree from BCIT in less time.

Avionics Maintenance

If you prefer to work on the electronic equipment onboard aircraft that is responsible for electrical power, navigation and radar, the avionics program will deliver everything you need to know. Through in-class instruction and hands-on work in the on-site hangar, you’ll learn how electronics systems relate to aircraft through courses such as, power generation and distribution and avionics installation practices.

Pilot Training

Centennial’s School of Transportation Pilot Training program immerses you into the flight world from day one, offering in-flight lessons that prepare you to work as a private and commercial pilot. The program is offered jointly with Durham College’s Flight Centre in Oshawa and balances 200 hours of in-flight instruction with 330 hours of ground school to prepare you for the aviation world. You’ll pilot Cessna 150, 172 and Piper Aztec aircraft during your studies that will prepare you to access careers with aircraft manufacturers, major airlines and the Department of National Defense.


Accreditations help you get noticed in any industry, the aviation world is no exception. Transport Canada and the Canadian Council accredit the Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics Maintenance programs for Aviation and Aerospace. Graduates who maintain a minimum of 70 per cent in all of their courses are eligible to earn an 18-month experience credit towards the issue of a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence, and the basic training requirements for CCAA occupational trade certification.

If you are interested in finding out more about the aviation programs offered at this college and how they can help launch your aviation career, you can discover more information here.


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