A day in the life of a corporate communications specialist means you’ll be generating positive publicity and maintaining valuable reputations on a daily basis.  Pursuing this career will keep you busy writing press releases, cultivating positive relationships with journalists and keeping the lines of communication open. It’s a dynamic career that doesn’t see the same day twice and is perfect if you thrive on a fast-paced workday.

The top professionals in this industry usually have broad knowledge and the ability to communicate smoothly in print, by phone or in person. If you’re ready to break into the industry, Centennial College offers a post-graduate Corporate Communications Course and Public Relations Program to get you ahead. This Toronto-based program is unique because it also offers an eight-week field placement at the end of your studies. During this placement, you’ll be working directly with a top employer and gaining the skills to keep you on top of the industry.

Whether you choose to work for the entertainment industry, financial institutions, not-for-profits or the government, public relations skills are transferrable so you will be employable in several industries.

Choosing to pursue a post-graduate program like this one is the best way to jump into the industry. It’s designed for people who hold degrees or college diplomas, so everyone begins at a high academic standard.  They supply specialized knowledge that allows you to create a niche market for yourself. This is a one-year program, so it’s intensive from day one. As you study Project Management, Copy Editing and Business for Corporate communication skill training your writing and presentation skills will be strengthened, so you can deliver any message with confidence. You’ll learn how to broadcast your message through all social media outlets to broaden your outreach, and you’ll have a chance to work on a client project to strengthen your skills before you showcase them during your placement.  

This particular program lets you learn in one of the more creative campuses in Ontario. The Centre for Creative communications training Campus is located right in downtown Toronto and around the corner from some of the Canada’s largest PR firms. This campus stands out because it only holds arts, media and design programs so you’ll always be surrounded by creative individuals. With program start dates in the fall and winter, you can watch your career unfold when you’re ready. 

Want to learn more about launching your career on the fast track? Find out more about this program here. 


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