Community College with Respected Track Record

Applying to a Canadian college is a memorable experience — whether the applicant plans to obtain a college education right after high school or is coming back to a post-secondary education after working in the field for any amount of years. College courses offer students hands-on practice as well as smaller sized classes that allow for one-on-one time with instructors. This, along with the fact that many college courses offer a practical work placement aspect, ensures that students are well prepared upon graduation. Additionally, attending a community college saves students money on tuition, while offering them a recognized credential.

A well-known community college in Toronto is Centennial College, which as the city’s first public college, opened in 1966. Since its founding, the institution has become known for offering students job-focused, practical training that is both affordable and will hold up in the workforce. As such, students can earn a range of credentials through part-time and full-time college courses. Among these credentials are diplomas, advanced diplomas, certificates, graduate certificates and, in a few instances, Bachelor degrees. In fact, Centennial was among the first community colleges in Ontario to receive approval for applied-degree programs in computer and communication networking, and software systems: design, development and management.

Meanwhile, other undertakings at this community college include 100 full-time programs, 140 part-time programs as well as courses presented through Distance Learning. Programs are offered in a variety of categories, including: Business, Community and Health Studies, Technology and Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and Culture as well as Communications, Media and Design. Thanks so such a diverse range, this community college sees enrollment rates of 16,000 full-time students and 22,000 part-time learners. In addition, Centennial College is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Almost 100 ethno-cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus.

As previously mentioned, Centennial also offers options for mature students who have worked in their chosen industries and return to community college to switch gears to further their education. For these students, flexibility is key and Centennial College caters by offering evening college courses as well as online and written-correspondence courses.

The part-time option at this Canadian college includes instructors who understand adult learning needs and offers flexible, learner-centered teaching methodologies; provide practical hands-on knowledge to place relevant theory into context and perspective; recognize and respects both the level of maturity and work experience of its students; provide effective instructor to student ratio and an optimal classroom size enabling competent peer interaction. Meanwhile, Distance Learning allows students to enjoy qualified instructors, communication tools, discussion boards and forums, a sense of email access with classmates, digital assignment capability, and more from the comfort of their home computer. Lastly, Printed-Based college courses see material being mailed to students at the beginning of the semester. Through this college education option, students can communicate with instructors via telephone.

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