From breakfast cereal to cosmetics and medicine, biotechnology is infused into products that are used all around you.

Biotechnologists spend their days in the lab merging biology, chemistry and civil engineering concepts to develop food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They also take on a role of quality assurance and are usually a checkpoint in the production process to ensure that every product meets a high standard. If you are interested in pulling on your lab coat and taking a closer look at what lies beneath the microscope lens, your first step in pursuing this type of career will be attaining an education that can carry you towards a successful career. 

Biotechnology College programs offer hands-on learning that will prepare you for the real world. Centennial College offers a two-year biotechnology technician program that is nationally accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB). You’ll gain a foundation to start your career on the right foot when you study courses such as, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Food Chemistry and Biochemistry. You’ll also gain training in Occupational Health and Safety, WHMIS, GMP, and HACCP so you meet all of the industry’s standards.

During your studies, you’ll have full access to eight up-to-date laboratories and wireless lecture facilities. In addition to practical learning, this program offers an opportunity to work towards industry-recognized designations including CTech (Certified Technician) and the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) certification.

After two years, you’ll be ready to start a career, in fact many graduates go on to work at highly respected organizations such as Apotex Inc., Cosmetica Laboratories and Mill Street Brewery.

If you complete your two years and realize you want to continue learning even more, this program is flexible and gives you the option to continue into a third year, where you’ll study more specialized material such as advanced biotechnology and microbial genetics. Choosing to continue for an additional year will also qualify you to graduate as a biotechnology technologist.

If you’re ready to step into a science-filled world, this career path can expose you to the science-filled world of different industries, you can find out more about getting started in biotechnology here.


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