Hospitality, undoubtedly, is currently the largest business activity not only in Canada but around the world. And it is also the fastest growing industry, opening doors to numerous career opportunities at all levels of management. Although its impact on the economy varies from country to country but its contribution is undeniable, especially in Canada. It employs millions of young Canadians across various sectors, including food service, accommodation and travel and tourism. And it is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come and contribute further to the job market.

What Is Required to Build Careers in Hospitality Management – Hotel and Resort?

In order to build careers in hospitality management – hotel and resort, you will need to have undergone a formal, college-level hotel management education. A diploma in hospitality is the minimum requirement to seek entry to the world of work. It helps you prepare for diverse careers in hotel industry, in the areas of front office, food and beverage, catering and convention, general management, housekeeping, sales and marketing, human resources and accounting.

Centennial College’s diploma program equips you with the knowledge and ability to link directly into the industry at the conclusion of the program, with an understanding of the relationships between departments that drive performance in the hotel and resort industry. Moreover, it allows you to complete the two-year diploma in just 16 months. This means that your time to get into the industry reduces to a great extent.

The two-year program teaches you how to

  • Ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction while at work;
  • Provide hospitality services in a professional manner;
  • Plan, prepare and present food and beverage in a variety of hospitality environments;
  • Make decisions at an operational level and contribute to the achievement of financial plans of the hospitality enterprise;
  • Support the provision of health, safety and hygiene;
  • Apply basic cost control and financial planning principles;
  • Enhance performance on regular basis as an employee and a team member

During the program, you will study a wide range of program, including hospitality and tourism marketing, hospitality accounting, communications, hotel sales and marketing, hospitality and tourism law and security, and front office operations. The industry field placement will help you gain hands-on experience working in a real-world setting. Upon graduation, you may either choose to pursue your career or enrol in a hotel management degree program for further studies.

Why Study Hospitality Management in Canada?

Although there are many colleges outside Canada that offer hospitality courses but studying in Canada comes with numerous added benefits. First, the hotel industry is growing leaps and bounds in the country and offers excellent job opportunities to hospitality graduates. Second, there is an acute shortage of young hospitality professionals in the country, which further brightens your chances to land into a decent job. Third, Centennial College’s program lays a strong emphasis on providing hands-on experience during the program tenure, which makes you career-ready even before you’re a graduate. Fourth, the diploma earned reflects high standards of learning and is acceptable across borders. All these make Canada a preferable location for studying hospitality management.