Digital media landscape has become more complicated than ever. The reason is - rapid and continuous advancements in digital media tools, devices and channels. The way we interact, consume information, play games and use our communication devices has changed a lot. The industry is reaching new heights, both in terms of innovation and career opportunities. There has been a significant increase in the demand for interactive media professionals in last few years and this is expected to increase further in the coming years.

This means now is the right time to find lucrative employment opportunities and build rewarding careers in this field. Those who are already employed in this field can consider upgrading their qualifications and look for more advanced career opportunities. If you are looking to upgrade your knowledge or wish to build a career in this field, an interactive media course may help you achieve your specific goals. The program can prepare beginners for careers in interactive media development, content production and process management while enabling veterans in leveraging and upgrading their previous skill set.

What Does an Interactive Media Program Cover?

The graduate certificate interactive media program runs for three semesters. It is an intensive, collaborative and project-driven program that offers a unique blend of theoretical grounding and hands-on experience. The aim is to help students or professionals become more efficient and effective producer working in the ever changing interactive media landscape.

The program introduces students to experience design tools, video and sound for interactive media, studio mentorship, practical coding, and content structure analysis, production for digital platforms and pitching and presentations. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding industry, job roles, processes and strategy and user experience.

Other Skills and Requirements

Interactive media professionals are expected to be naturally imaginative, creative and inquisitive. With this, they must be able to come up with the new ideas. The interactive media design program helps you hone your natural talent and gain new skills necessary for being employable in this field. This is a comprehensive course that focuses on developing creative and technical abilities of students.

Furthermore, you are required to possess some kind of real world experience, displaying your capability to operate in a fast-paced and ever-changing technological environment. Centennial College’s graduate certificate program in interactive media exposes you to the industry through an industry field placement. This helps you apply your learning into practical and learn the tricks of the trade. Besides this, you also gain relevant industry contacts that you can use as references upon course completion to seek employment.

Career Options

The program graduates can get an entry in the Canadian as well as international interactive media industries and find work as digital content producers, digital strategists, digital project managers, interactive producers or user experience designers.

Admission Prerequisites

The program in interactive media is open to all graduates. They can send their applications directly to the college along with a copy of college diploma or university degree certificate and a letter of interest. Students with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years) can also apply for this program. However, they will need to possess relevant work experience in the same or related field.