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What Does It Mean to Be a Law Clerk in Canada?

Posted by Jason White on Monday, August 25, 2014, In : College Education 

Law clerks or judicial clerks perform a variety of activities in court or the chambers of a lawyer. Their primary role is to assist the judge of the lawyer they work for with court procedures, legal documents, case law materials, and general administrative duties. However, the exact roles and responsibilities depend upon the type of setting they work in and their job profile and individual qualifications and work experience.

The job of a law clerk is extremely demanding as it requires a combin...

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Launch a Law Clerk After Two Years of Practical Training

Posted by Jason White on Monday, August 4, 2014,

If you have an interest in the law, are self-motivated and professional, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, honest, think analytically while problem solving, effectively manage time and stress, communicate effectively, and have excellent writing skills, good interpretation skills, strong computer skills and the ability to follow directions, Centennial College may have the program for you.

The Law Clerk program is a two-year offering geared to students who wish to assist in a wide variety of l...

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Law Clerk – Job Description and Educational Requirements

Posted by Jason White on Friday, April 4, 2014, In : College Education 
The typical work activities include:
  • Studying legal documents to investigate facts of cases
  • Preparing cases and determining the course of action
  • Researching law sources to prepare briefs and arguments
  • Preparing closing statements
  • Serving copies of pleas to opposition counsel
  • Arranging transportation for witnesses, if required
  • Maintaining documents
  • Maintaining law libraries of attorneys and judges
  • Communicating public or parties involved in a case regarding procedural requirements
  • Proofreading judici...

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