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Career Advice for Aspiring Medical Laboratory Technicians

Posted by Jason White on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, In : College Education 
Medical laboratory technicians typically need to undergo a post-secondary diploma program to enter the world of work. This is the minimum requirement to seek entry level jobs in the industry. A medical laboratory technician course is an intensive program and covers a wide selection of subjects, including applied anatomy and physiology, transcultural health, clinical laboratory techniques, applied chemistry, clinical data management, practical haematology and immunohaematology, microbiology, ...

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Becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician in Canada

Posted by Jason White on Friday, April 4, 2014, In : College Education 
Precise roles and responsibilities of medical laboratory technicians depend upon the organization they work with. However, the generic work performed by them may include:
  • Assisting medical technologists and helping them identify the irregularities in the samples collected
  • Processing of specimens for conducting different examinations
  • Detecting the source of disease by testing the specimens 
  • Monitoring the apparatus and equipments to detect error or breakdown 
  • Keeping a check on the supply of i...

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