A career in computer systems technology - networking may seem rewarding and exciting from outside. Undoubtedly! But on the other side, computer networking involves a lot of hard work, long hours of work and constant learning.

Though this job is not for everyone but for those who are ready to plunge in this field, it offers a plenty of job opportunities, rewards and opportunities to grow constantly. A career in networking requires deep understanding of PC hardware, operating systems and other software programs, wired and wireless networks, and computing and communicating technology. In addition, you must keep a track of ever-growing innovations of the digital revolution.

Centennial College's three-year post-secondary diploma program in computer networking training prepares you for a variety of careers in for the growing mesh of internet, intranet, extranet and telecoms. The program uniquely blends theory with practical. You will study about PC hardware, operating systems, web design, network technologies, devices and security, WAN technologies, computer forensic, wireless technology, voice and video over IP, network management, technical writing and electricity for computer systems.

The co-op component of the computer networking course gives you an opportunity to enhance your education by allowing you to work for three paid terms in the field. You not only put your classroom learning into practice but also gain relevant industry contacts. The program prepares you for a variety of careers as LAN administrators, LAN support, help desk support, network technical support specialists, network technologists, field service representatives and computer systems technologists.

Reasons for Considering a Career in Computer Networking

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should consider a career in computer networking.

You'll be in constant demand: There is an acute shortage of computer networking professionals in Canada. This means employers will always be interested in hiring you. Computer networking plays a critical role in ensuring smooth day-to-day functioning of organizations. Network administration is a solid bet in such a scenario.

You'll be able to find employment in any industry: Computer networking, as mentioned earlier, plays an important role in ensuring smooth functioning of a company. Almost all organizations have IT departments where they need computer networking professionals to help them keep their communication networks working. This gives you an opportunity to work in the industry of your choice.

You'll have a challenging job: Innovations keep happening in this field of technology and you'll always be engaged in updating the existing systems. Therefore, it is not a monotonous job and poses new challenges in front of you.

You'll learn as you go: Graduating from a computer networking program doesn't mean that you have learnt it all. The continuous advancements in technology keep you in the learning mode constantly. You learn even while you're on the job, which in turn makes you worthier of your job.

The profession offers numerous other benefits. Generally, the individuals working in this field are highly paid and have international job opportunities. The program, therefore, not only prepares you to work in Canada but almost everywhere in the world.