Demographic shifts, rapid technology innovation and emerging cross-broader business opportunities are major developments transforming the current business environment. The economies around the world are so tightly interconnected that developments in one region have a strong impact on the way business in conducted in the neighbouring regions.

Further, the advancement in mobile technology continues to have massive effects on the business world. It has made it much easier to tap business opportunities in faraway locations and establish connection with customers.

The business environment is rapidly changing and so are the preferences of employers. They are keen on hiring professionals who understand the nature and implications of these changes and help organizations operate successfully even in international markets.

The professionals are expected to be fully prepared for the global workplace while possessing in-depth understanding of key concepts, such as global logistics, customs compliance, cultural diversity, emerging technologies, current market trends and import/export legal requirements.

Preparing for Careers in International Business

A diploma in international business provides you with a solid general business foundation as well as specialized international business knowledge. The emphasis is on providing you with the knowledge, skills and mindset that will help you adopt flexible patterns of thinking and behavior and operate effectively in a culturally diverse business environment.

Numerous certifications and diploma and degree programs in international businesses are available in Canada. However, if you’re looking for a quickie credential to enter the world of work, you may consider two-year post-secondary international business courses. These are intensive courses, preparing you for careers in the areas of manufacturing, production, distribution, retail, transportation, customs compliance and import/export documentation in a global workplace in just two years.

Program Structure

The post-secondary international business program cover a wide range of basic business and specialized international business subjects, including Fundamentals of Business, Strategies for Business Success, Mathematics of Finance, Financial Accounting Concepts, Business Operations, Microcomputer Applications, Principles of Micro and Macro Economics, Business Communications, Human Resource Management, Business Analysis, Principles of Marketing, International Business Concepts, Customers Services and Compliance, Global Logistics and International Marketing.

The program focuses on providing you with strong business foundation and specialized skills to launch you into an entry-level position with a global business enterprise.

Choosing the Right Program

Numerous colleges in Canada offer diploma programs in international business. However, choosing a right program involves a few important considerations. Ask these questions when choosing an international business program.

  • Does it offer strong employment prospects after graduation?
  • Does it allow you to apply your credits towards a university degree?
  • Does it help you develop a portfolio documenting your engagement with global citizenship and equity competencies?
  • Does it help meet your career goals?

The course is worth considering if the answer to these questions is positive. Centennial College’s diploma program in international business reflects high standards of learning and offers strong employment prospects. You are also allowed to apply your academic credits towards a university degree and pursue professional designation (CITP). Additionally, you gain strong analytical, problem solving, team and interpersonal skills.