Financial planning could be a rewarding career path for you, if you are good with numbers and people. You do for people what they don't like or are unable to do for themselves. You figure out how to manage their money and plan for future. You help them get on the right track, as far as their finances are concerned.

Financial planning is expected to be one of the fastest growing professions in the coming years. Increase in the existing positions as well as emergence of additional new positions is expected in the next decade. While baby booming generation plans to retire itself, the demand for financial advisory services will see a boom. At the same time, development of new and more advanced financial plans and advancements in online financial advisory tools also has strong impact on the demand for financial planners. Therefore, it is an exciting time to build careers in financial advising and planning.

Prerequisites of Becoming a Financial Advisor in Canada

In order to work as a financial advisor, it's important to

  • Have an in-depth understanding of financial planning principles and industry standards
  • Possess excellent business development and marketing skills to gain new clients
  • Be capable of recognizing potential tax and legal implications within a financial planning situation
  • Be able to compare and contrast various available financial investment plans
  • Know how to prepare accurate and relevant financial plans, both manually and electronically

A graduate-level financial planning certification can help you gain the knowledge and skills required to seek employment in this field. The one-year program provides you with strong grounding in tax planning, estate planning and risk management, retirement financial planning, marketing, financial management, corporate credit management, ethics and stakeholder management and crafting and executing strategy.

The program graduates can work with credit unions, life insurance companies, banks, investment dealers, financial planning companies and mutual fund companies, in the areas of tax planning, financial product development, estate planning, credit management or strategy.

Enrolling in a Financial Planning Program

As this is a graduate certification course, you must have completed your graduation for being eligible to apply to this program. You can send your application to the college, supported with a copy of three-year college diploma or university degree certificate and a proof of English proficiency.

Even if you have a two-year college diploma or completed a partial university degree, you can still apply to this program. However, you will need to have a minimum two years of work experience relevant to the program. You may also need to take a numeracy skill assessment.

Studying Financial Planning in Canada

Numerous Canadian colleges offer graduate-level financial planning program. But Centennial College Toronto offers additional benefits to its students. The program:

  • The program uses instruction materials from professional bodies
  • It provides you with the education requirements to write the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam
  • It allows you to apply your academic rewards towards further studies at the university.
  • The course is delivered by highly qualified and experience faculty members.

The program is worth considering, as it helps you meet all your specific career goals.