Centennial College's post-graduate interactive media program aims to prepare graduates in the field of innovation and interaction design. It is multi-disciplinary curriculum that brings together students from different backgrounds and prepares them for diverse careers in the ever changing digital media industry.

The program runs through three semesters and focuses thoroughly on the latest interactive technology, media and innovation. The first phase (or semester 1) of the program introduces you to interactive digital industry, emerging technologies, experience design tools, and video and sound technology for interactive media. You also develop basic writing skills for digital media in the first semester.

The second semester provides you with more detailed understanding on various aspects of interactive media design. The emphasis is on putting your technical, critical, problem-solving, analytical and business understanding into practice, while working on individual and team projects.

Hands-on experience in a real world setting plays a critical role in enhancing your knowledge and technical skills as well as seeking employment opportunities upon graduation. In the third semester, you are exposed to the industry and complete your learning with an industry field placement.

This gives you an idea of the world of work and expectations of employers from potential interactive designers. Moreover, you will build relevant industry contacts that can be used as references while finding employment, once you complete your program. The interactive media course places a strong emphasis on understanding industry and user experience.

Reasons for Considering a Postgraduate Interactive Media Design Program

A postgraduate program in interactive media offers numerous benefits. It
  • Opens doors to numerous more advanced career opportunities
  • Helps graduates leverage their previous skill set, while offering them a better understanding of the entire industry
  • Provides graduates with skills necessary for content production, digital strategy, and studio mentorship
  • Incorporates career networking opportunities through guest lectures and industry field placement
  • Helps you obtain better understanding of users' expectations

The Centennial Difference

As a Centennial College's student, you avail special benefits. The course is delivered by highly experienced faculty and industry professionals who have strong backgrounds in interactive content production, strategy development and project management. In addition, the program offers strong employment prospects. The graduates are hired by both the Canadian and international organizations.

Enrolment Guide

The college accepts applications from college and university graduates in any discipline. You can send your application to the college, supported with a copy of graduation certificate and a proof of English proficiency. Along with this, you will also need to submit a letter of interest to the program coordinator.

Individuals with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years) can also apply for this program. If you have completed a two-year post-secondary diploma and have relevant work experience, you will be eligible to apply to this program. You can send your application along with a resume detailing your work experience.

You are also required to attend a program admission session, in order to discuss your expectations from the program and your career goals. The admission is granted on the basis of your grades, experience, creativity and your performance during the program admission session.