To be successful in the Advertising – Media Management field, a media management degree isn’t the only option. Centennial College’s program offers an Ontario College Graduate Certificate that is respected and the necessary skills to launch careers with advertisers and advertising agencies, marketing companies, independent media management companies, multimedia owners and sellers and research companies. Specific companies that have hired grads of this offering include: PHD Canada, Mindshare, Media Edge, MacLaren McCann, Starcom, Mediacom and many others.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau recognizes the Media Management program — which is the first of its kind in Canada — as offering the most breadth of interactive/mobile curriculum. Here is a look at some of the specific courses within that curriculum.

Introduction to Media Planning: Objectives, strategy and execution are at the core of a business plan. They are also at the core of a media plan. As such, this course examines a range of new and traditional media channels from the point of view of how consumers interact with them in day-to-day lives. This allows students to determine the impact and weaknesses of the channels, including their cost effectiveness and efficiency, which in turn allows them to determine how these channels can be combined to create powerful media plans.

Media Research Data and Analyses: One of the most essential steps to effective advertising is analyzing and applying the information gathered to ensure that the right people are seeing the ads, the right amount of times. To do so, target audience profiles, brand and product category profiles and analysis of media measurement are a must, and so is familiarity with key research databases used in the industry such as PMB, NadBank, COMB and AC Nielsen (product spending/sales). This course teaches students the methodology each company uses to collect information and how to run the programs.

Advertising Planning & Campaign Management: By themselves and in groups, students learn to deal with realistic advertising programs that are identified, analyzed and solved through the development of a realistic advertising campaign.

Broadcast Buying and Measurement: This course covers estimating, costing, buying, analyzing, and evaluation for both radio and television. Students also learn how to use the key broadcast research measurement tools from BBM and Nielsen Media Research.

Media Account Administration: Students learn the fundamentals of account finance as well as account administration and documentation skills required to effectively work with clients as well as media suppliers, agency management and accounting departments.

Arguably the most unique Media Management course in the program is Field Placement (Media Management). Facilitated entirely off-campus, it gives students the opportunity to apply their skills in the real life arena of an agency. Taking up the entire final semester of the program, the course sees students polish real skills that lead to real career advancement, interact with professionals, and network.