Are you in search of doing something rewarding and meaningful? A good area to start is by giving back to the community and helping in the healthcare sector. Before you can officially become a qualified member of the working professions in that area, you would need to take a relevant college education. A college that enhances classroom learning with passionate teachers, industry-standard courses, and hands-on experience is the place to enroll. All of these fit into what Centennial College has to offer with its Developmental Services Workers (1207) program. The college is built with services and mentorship in mind and the program is tailored for individuals who want to help the community. As future Developmental Services Workers (DSW), students are trained with the academic knowledge to contribute to their field placements.

Why choose the Developmental Services Workers program at Centennial College?
  • Students will develop the soft skills required for communicating and understanding clients and colleagues, while keeping tactfulness and empathy in mind.
  • Scientific courses, such as Supports for Personal Health Care and Pharmacology, are discussed to enable students to be competent when administering medications, assessing vital signs, and control infectious diseases from spreading.
  • Knowledge regarding the history of disabilities and the care needed for individuals with disabilities are explored in-depth, as it relates largely to the work of DSWs.
  • Centennial College's program faculty have experience working with clients with intellectual disabilities, passing on their knowledge and guidance to their students
  • The postsecondary institution helps students progress their learning by allowing eligible graduates to attain a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Disability Studies degree in two years with its university partner

The program ensures that students are able to respond to the needs of their clients as they embark their journey to the workplace upon graduation. The learning outcomes of the program arereflected on the responsibilities of Developmental Services Workers. Students can expect to complete the following job duties at the start of their career:
  • Provide assistance to clients with special needs with their day-to-day activities, varying from changing dressings to monitoring their health
  • Prepare meals and menu, with specialized diets for certain clients
  • Administer correct medications on time and keep track of the client's vital signs
  • Complete housekeeping activities to ensure a safe and clean living standards for the clients
  • Supervise clients living in group homes, ensuring that they have nutritional meals, balanced health, and engaging daily programs

The technical skills involving the day-to-day responsibilities of Developmental Services Workers can be taught in other schools but Centennial College emphasizes on inclusion and diversity, starting with its student population. The Developmental Services Worker program is a valuable milestone in a path of community involvement and satisfying career. Students are skilled and experienced as they enter the workforce in the community services and healthcare sectors.