The world is a small place, with converging markets and online space connecting everything around the globe. One of the most diverse places is in Canada’s community college: Centennial College. With over 80 languages spoken on campus and over 100 ethno-cultural groups walking through the halls, Centennial attracted many International students who wish to pursue education abroad. Its wide selection of programs, modern facilities, and over-all inclusive environment is key to promoting a positive learning environment.

Many International students will undergo an introductory program to help them transition into the college level in North America. The credits earned in such programs can be transferred to a specialized program of their choice. Many introductory programs are focused on the English language course, helping students improve their reading, writing, speaking in the English language. Centennial offers the General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes (6616) program to International students to obtain essential English language skills while graduating with college credits.

The ESL program Toronto provides is effective at Centennial. The city is diverse itself, making many International students feel right at home. The college itself admits students of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds that students have the opportunity to network face-to-face with their peers around the world.

Centennial welcomes learners to its campuses by offering various resources. Students in English language program taking courses in the General Arts and Sciencecurriculum can earn the following benefits:
  • Students practice the English language in each course they take, where they gain comprehension skills and further understanding of the written and spoken words.
  • A multimedia ESL software is available for use by students during their computer lab classes.
  • Centennial offers a Let’s Talk session for its students, where individuals can join a group of peers in interesting discussions while improving their English skills. A leader in the group will initiate and facilitate the conversations.
  • Skilled instructors teach the courses, and they are available outside of class hours to further help their students.
  • Students can also seek extra help with their courses through peer tutors, where students can get free tutoring in the library’s learning centre.
  • Students will be exposed in a Canadian learning environment, which is a starting point in learning to connect with others outside of your usual and familiar work environment.
  • The program is tailored to student needs, in which they can take one, two, or three semesters of learning, depending on their English proficiency and learning curves.
  • The courses give students a General Education credit in Level 3, and add to aOntario College Certificate by the end of the school semester(s).
  • By the end of the program, students are capable in learning specific courses in their prefer field of studies.
  • Some course credits will be accepted as transfer credits to other programs.

Centennial’s General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes program is offered to International students with some level of English proficiency. Its ESL programs are meant to build on the beginner’s knowledge of students and help them bring their language competencies to Canadian college level, so they can pursue their careers. Students study alongside many diverse groups of learners, helping them feel welcome during their schooling.