Looking for a quickie credential to pursue a career in financial services? Then, a financial services fundamentals program may be for you. This one-year course prepares you for entry-level employment with banks, credit unions, investment fund companies and financial planning organizations.

Program Structure

The one-year program runs through two semesters, helping you build strong fundamentals in corporate finance, professional selling and business communication. It’s an intensive program that covers a wide range of subjects, including Financial Accounting, Mathematics of Finance, Principles of Marketing and Corporate Finance. In addition, you also gain deep understanding in Canadian Financial Services and Canadian Investment Funds Course.

The program provides you with a clear understanding of the Canadian financial system and the processes, procedures and requirements of selling financial instruments in the country. The objective of the program is to prepare you for offering consultancy and selling mutual funds to clients of the organization you work for.

Program Eligibility

If you have completed your secondary school education, you can apply for this program. You will need to send a completed application form, along with required supporting, such as a copy of secondary school diploma certificate, and scores of English Grade 12C or University, or equivalent and scores of Mathematics Grade 11M or 12C or University, or equivalent.

However, having completed secondary education or meeting eligibility criteria doesn’t guarantee your admission in this program. Your applications and documents are evaluated by the program coordinator before making a decision.

Program Benefits

The financial service training program offers you numerous benefits. First, it gives you quickie credentials to enter the world of work. Second, it includes a course leading to license to sell mutual funds. However, this incurs costs in addition to tuition fee. Third, it offers strong employment prospects. Fourth, the knowledge in financial services is coupled with the understanding in marketing, sales, business and communication.

Career Opportunities

Consolidation within the financial services industry has reduced the number of traditional entry-level jobs in banks and financial institutions. However, it has resulted in the significant demand for higher-skilled professionals at entry level, who not only have deep understanding of the Canadian financial services industry but also are marketing-focused, technologically-sound and are capable of working in a global financial environment.

The demand for qualified and licensed financial services professionals has increased significantly. And this particular course helps you in gaining the knowledge and skills required to enter the Canadian workforce.

Studying Financial Services Fundamentals in Canada

Numerous Canadian colleges offer such programs at undergraduate and graduate level. However, not all may meet your specific educational and career goals. Therefore, it is really important to choose a course carefully. This is because your selection of college or program will have a direct impact on your career upon graduation.

Centennial College's financial services fundamentals may be the right choice for you. It is an intensive course that covers all aspects of selling mutual funds or other financial products. The program is delivered by experienced faculty members who have strong backgrounds in academics as well as industry.