Centennial College’s Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Bridging to Software Systems Design program is designed for computer programmers and analysts who have a three-year college diploma or university degree in any of the disciplines, including computer science, software engineering and information technology.

It is a bridging program for computer or software professionals who

  • Want to upgrade their knowledge and skills and
  • Prepare more advanced career opportunities
  • Wish to obtain a degree in systems software design

Program Information

The bridging software design program runs for two years and allows students to join the program from fifth semester. It covers a wide selection of advanced software design subjects, such as software standards, testing and maintenance, database programming, computer and human interaction, software design patterns, programming for network systems, architecting database solutions, software quality assurance, emerging technologies, business consulting, cryptography and information security.

In addition, students also complete three bridging courses – two in mathematics and one in computer architecture during the program tenure. Moreover, a strong emphasis is laid on developing project management, technical writing and documentation and entrepreneurship skills. The program also includes three software development projects, which will help students complement their classroom learning, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and relate their learning with the real world.

Career Opportunities

The employment prospects in software development industry are already bright. However, with increased dependence on computers and related technologies, the demand for software professionals is increasing constantly. Moreover, there is a looming shortage of highly qualified and experienced software developers in Canada.

Employers are keen on hiring professionals who can manage projects, interact with clients, oversee project development, and manage teams of software development professionals. A bachelor degree program can help computer programmers, software developers and analysts in upgrading their knowledge and skills and prepare for high positions in this industry.

The graduates of Centennial’s software design course may find employment as game programmers, software testers, software developers, computer programmers, system analysts, business analysts, web application developers, database administrators and applications or software support.

Program Eligibility

In order to become eligible to apply to this program, individuals must have:

  • A three-year diploma or four-year university degree in any of the disciplines, including
  • Software engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Systems analysis
  • Earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher in a diploma or degree course from a recognized institution
  • A proof of English proficiency
  • Transcript review (in case of international students)

Why Study from Centennial College?

There are many colleges in Toronto that offer bridging courses in software systems design. Unfortunately, all are not recognized. Centennial College’s program may be the right choice because:

  • It is fully accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) ISTAC.
  • The program graduates are eligible to apply for certified membership to CIPS.
  • It focuses on helping students gain skills to develop logic and problem-solving strategies.
  • It is delivered by experience faculty members who have strong industry and academic backgrounds.
  • The program offers strong employment prospects.