Children's entertainment industry provides a wide variety of career possibilities and opportunities to enriching children's imagination and turning them into curious beings, and ultimately creative outlets. What children are exposed to shapes their entire personality.

Advancement in Children's Entertainment Industry

Children's entertainment has come a long way from just plain story writing to animated audio-visuals, 3D films and shows, theatre, radio shows and TV serials. Technology has not only affected the way adults consume content but it has similar impact on the children's entertainment industry.

This has resulted in demand for highly skilled children's content writers and producers who can make effective use of technology, to create innovative entertainment products for the rapidly growing children's market.

Individuals who are interested in either building a career in this industry or advancing their existing careers may consider a program in children's entertainment - writing, production and management. This is a graduate certification course that helps them develop new skills in writing for children's media, project development and production, television production, licensing and merchandising and branding.

It aims to help graduates hone their creative writing abilities, business skills and production management skills. In addition, they develop skills that help them in successful navigation from domestic to international marketplace.

Choosing a Children's Writing Program Toronto

A number of Canadian colleges offer children's writing program. But not all help you achieve your specific career goals. Therefore, it is recommended to make a thorough research before applying to a college. A program is worth considering if it
  • Is project-driven
  • Incorporates an introductory course on child development, so that you gain an in-depth understanding of the children's entertainment industry
  • Prepares you for diverse career options in this field - writing, editing, content management, licensing, merchandising, marketing, production, etc.
  • Incorporates computer education
  • Helps you develop project management skills that are required while working with a content management firm
  • Includes hands-on practical learning
  • Helps develop team building skills for creative production
  • Offers career-ready skills
  • Offers good employment (domestic and international) prospects

Centennial College's program in children's writing, production and management meets all these criteria and prepares you to enter the workforce. The writing program Toronto also covers the legal and regulatory aspects of children's media and personal branding. It's an all-inclusive course that helps you enter the Canadian workforce in just one year. The unique feature of this program in children's entertainment Toronto is that it incorporates an industry field placement during its tenure and exposes you to the world of work.

The benefit is that you gain an understanding into the current business environment and what industry expects from professionals. It also helps you gain relevant industry contacts that can be used as references in future.

The business of children's entertainment is constantly evolving. And this program provides you with the skills to build a sustainable career in the ever-changing business and technological environment.

Enrolment Guide

You can send your applications to the college, along with a copy of your college diploma or university degree certificate and an updated resume. You're eligible to apply to this program even if you have partially completed your college education. However, for this you will need to have minimum two years of relevant experience. You will also need to complete a writing assessment by the college in both the cases.