No matter whether you're looking to break into television or film writing or enhance your script writing skills, an advanced program in television and film – script to screen at Centennial College Toronto may be of great help. The program comes as the right choice even if you want to learn how television shows are created or what all goes into making of a film or hone your writing skills. It covers both the creative and technical aspects of TV and film production.

Program Content

It is a one-year script writing program running through two semesters and covering fifteen extensive subjects. It is an intensive and comprehensive program that offers both theoretical grounding and practical experience to students in just one year. The idea is to help individuals get back to the world of work as quickly as possible and apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to further advance their careers.

Focuses on Technical and Creative Aspects of Script Writing

The program covers all aspects of screen writing, including both technical and creative elements. Formatting of screenplays by using specialized computer programs used by professionals is also included in the course. Not only this, the students also learn about what goes into pre-production, production and post-production of a TV show or a film.

The comprehensive program in script writing Toronto also allows students to explore the work of actors and directors, in order to be more effective when writing for screen. They learn to adapt the script according to the personality and the character of actors. This helps them learn how to write the script to fit the demand of a character.

Overall Development of Students

The program is taught through classroom lectures, exercises and practical assignments. The students are also asked to direct the short scenes and present them in front of the audience. They also shoot two short films, while taking care of pre-production, production and post-production aspects of the film making. This helps them put their learning into practice and gain clarity how shows and film are created.

All students, during the program, are expected to write scripts and then perform a monologue, which is filmed. After then they can analyze their performance on their own and understand the need for improvisation.

The program content and assignments are directed towards providing solid working knowledge to students. This is why, more time is spent on practical assignments and directing, writing, shooting and acting.

It's All Drama!

The program in script writing at Centennial doesn't have a split focus. It only covers drama, which includes comedy and all other genres apart from documentary film-making. So, the program is only for those who are looking to enhance their script writing skills in comedy and other genres.

Career Opportunities

Those who were already employed in TV and film production can find appropriate place for them in the form of better and more advanced career opportunities while others can easily break into the industry with specialized education.

As this is a postgraduate program, graduates in any discipline can apply for this program. They need to send their completed application forms along with an updated resume, a letter of intent and a portfolio of their work that may include a film produced or directed or an on-camera audition or a writing sample (preferably a script).

Candidates with partial post-secondary education, but a verifiable portfolio of work representing minimum two years of relevant work experience can also apply for this program.