Attention all hospitality graduates. A leadership program at a diverse college in Toronto is seeking knowledgeable individuals who want to specialize in management of hotels and resorts and their services. Other hotel management programs can’t compare with the graduate certificate program at Centennial College, which offers strategy-building courses in the hotel business as well as a practical experience at an employer within the hospitality industry.

The one-year postgraduate program is called Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management (1830) and it is offered exclusively to college and university graduates in hospitality, tourism or related discipline. Nine courses are built into the curriculum, harnessing the student’s potential and enhancing their skills to lead organizations in sales, marketing, human resources, general management, and other areas of operations.

Out of the nine courses, there is a distinct hotel management course that focuses on wine. Aside from sommeliers, many hospitality leaders have extensive knowledge of wines and the wine-making process, so they can ensure the procurement of this on-demand product to entertain guests and provide delight to parties. The classes are interactive as students learn to appreciate the art of wine through taste testing sessions, as they assess the colour, weight, alcohol, taste, flavour, and texture of a variety of wines.

For two days a week for 15 weeks in the second semester, students will commute to an employing organization, where they will gainindustry skills and field experience. The internship familiarizes the student with the industry and the career further through on-the-job training. In this competitive industry, education is important as well as work experience, so Centennial ensures its students have the competitive advantage by having both academic and practical training prior to graduation.

Interested individuals can register for the program for the fall semester, given they reach the following admission requirements:

  • A diploma or degree in a program within the hospitality and tourism sector, or anywhere that can be related to this area of studies.
  • If the student does not have a relevant postsecondary diploma, applicants must have work experience in the hospitality and tourism industry to break into the competitive program.
  • Applicants with an incomplete diploma or degree may be considered, depending on their experience in the field.
  • A resume detailing your work experience may be required to assess your desire and competence in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality students come out of Centennial College with the confidence that their knowledge and skills set can prove valuable to employers. The leadership skills gained from the Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management (1830) program will help them breakthrough many areas and become supervisors and managers of hotel revenue, guest services, hotel and restaurant operations, to name a few. Many graduates start their career with a promising firm in the industry, some of which are partnered with the college during the field placements.