Restaurant and catering is one of the many career options that hospitality industry offers. But the growth and potential of this specific sector shouldn't be underestimated. This sector is anticipated to employ 1.95 million people by 2015, as per the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC).

Those engaged in restaurant and catering management are expected to oversee restaurant operations, kitchen coordination, food preparation, bartending, menu management and safety, hygiene and sanitation while ensuring impeccable customer service.

Individuals interested in building a career in food and beverages sector need to study hospitality management in restaurant and catering after completing their secondary education. There are a number of hospitality management programs available in Canada. Unfortunately, not all are accredited. Most programs do not offer hands-on experience in real world settings, which is an essential requirement for seeking employment after course completion.

Centennial College's two-year restaurant and catering diploma program is not only accredited by UNWTO TedQual but also incorporates two-days-a-week placement at a hotel or restaurant. This gives students the practical experience to complement the theory learned in the class.

What Will Students Learn?

Restaurant and catering management is more about handling back-end operations. The students study a wide range of hospitality courses. The program content includes:
  • Basic: Practical Math for Hospitality, Hospitality Accounting
  • Food Production: Theory of Food, Quantity Food Production, Food Production – Practical Supervision, Cuisines of Diverse Cultures, Menu Management and Design
  • Restaurant Operations: Human Resources Planning, Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene, Purchasing for Commercial Kitchen, Dining Room Management, Hospitality Managerial Accounting, Principles of Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls, Supervisory Practices for Kitchen Manager, Marketing Strategies
  • Other: Customer Service, Hospitality Industry Issues

Students learn about all aspects of a restaurant and catering business, including food production, accounting, human resources, operations, marketing, purchasing, cost control and supervising. They also earn certifications in the Smart Serve and the National Sanitation Training.

Hands-on Experience

The college has an on-campus student training restaurant and lab practice facilities. Apart from this, they will also gain hands-on experience with some of the Canada's largest restaurant companies through two-days-a-week industry field placement component. This gives students opportunities to develop relevant networks. Many of the students are hired by the program's business partners during or after course completion.

The program graduates can pursue their careers and seek employment with restaurants, hotels, catering companies, resorts, cruise lines and other similar establishments. They can also apply their credit rewards earned during this program towards further studies and apply for advanced programs in hospitality management – restaurant and catering with associated universities, institutes and professional associations.

Who are eligible for this program?

Students who have completed their secondary education can apply for this program. They will need to submit an application form along with a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and a proof of English proficiency (scores of English Grade 12 C or University of equivalent). Students currently in high school can also apply for this program. Their midterm and final term scores will be automatically transmitted to the college.