Postsecondary education may be daunting for some students, with the heavy course loads and other priorities of being an adult. It can also be expensive to many students, so it is best to ensure that they are getting the most of their learning. An arts degree Toronto offer to new postsecondary students can be found at Centennial College, which will strengthen your overall aptitude and skill, which can be applied to any areas of studies and at any work setting. The General Arts and Science – Arts Program (6700) is offered for two semesters, where students will learn a variety of topics.

Chris, one of the students in the program, enjoys the abundance ofsociology-related courses within the program and states that it kept him engaged, since it is the area he wants to specialize in, after completing this general arts program. He says, "The reason why I decided to join the General Arts and Science program at Centennial College was because I wanted to lay a strong foundation before I went to university."

Centennial is unique with its diverse culture within its school, and its experienced faculty members. Unlike universities, this college engages students with mentorship and guidance from their professors. Chris says, "I like the atmosphere and the classroom the most. The classes tend to be small, and the teachers give you one-on-one attention. So if you help, they’re right there to assist you."

Students take this program as a stepping stone to a more specialized program in university or college. New college students, laid off workers, and other returning students feel that they can benefit from this arts program at Centennial College, due to its broad learning environment. Interested applicants will need the following to register:
  • A secondary diploma from a high school or an equivalent certification; or a mature student status (must be 19 years of age or older)
  • Minimum grade in Grade 12 English, in the college or university level
  • An English Assessment test may be required from some applicants
"In the beginning of the program, I felt a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what I got myself into. But now I feel confident, and I feel like I have acquired a lot of knowledge I can carry forward, especially in university," Chris confides. Centennial offers its students plenty of support from its faculty and staff, and also have program-specific assistance:
  • Peer tutoring is available at no charge to all students. General Arts and Science students can look for peer tutors for their courses through the library’s online system.
  • Peer mentoring pairs new college students with more experienced students, to help them with the transition. Often, the two students are in the same program or area of studies.
  • The college’s online databases and resources provide plenty of research and reading materials that may be required for the courses.
"Centennial College to me means flexibility. And they offer that through the scheduling for the classes. It also means drawing from a diverse background from the individuals that are in the classrooms. And this is really good for the learning environment as you get different concepts of materials from the different people in the classrooms," says Chris.