Centennial College prides itself in setting students up for success in a number of ways. For example this institution has agreements with articulated program with selected universities that allow graduates to apply academic credits towards further study. Additionally, the school understands the importance of offering students a solid base on which to stand for the rest of their college or university experience.

One offering at Centennial College that truly embodies these examples is the General Arts and Science - Arts program. Billed as a foundational offering, it is geared towards a number of students, including those who are:
  • Considering college programs such as Communication Arts, Child Studies, Community Services, or Hospitality and Tourism Administration
  • Interested in applying to a university arts degree program
  • Exploring their ultimate career goals and various educational opportunities
  • Obtaining the academic admission credentials needed to enter university

What purpose does this offering serve for these students? Firstly, it allows them to decide the length of the program (from two to four semesters) depending on their future goals. Secondly, it offers students an array of subjects in the humanities and social sciences as well as communications. This is beneficial, as students gain a great overview of the types of courses they may encounter further into their studies. Specific courses in this offering include: Contemporary Canada: Places, Peoples and Perspectives (students critically explore Canada’s geography, its past, its peoples, its political and socio-economic institutions and national and international relationships in order to arrive at an understanding of our present); Pathways to Academic Success (provides an opportunity for learners to explore career directions and other post secondary education options related to their personal identities, traits and interests.

Learners explore and enhance their self-management and academic competencies necessary for success in their academic and personal life); Twentieth Century History (topics include the political, social, economic, cultural, intellectual, and religious movements that created almost constant conflict as well as constant progress); and more.

Thirdly, all of these classes are structured in a way that fosters class discussions and interaction among students. This allows for an inclusive environment in which everyone’s ideas are not only heard but also respected. Fourthly, students learn from instructors who are sensitive to the needs of those whose first language is not English, those who are mature students as well as those with learning disabilities.

Once students are ready to pursue specialized arts colleges programs, they may do so after one year (with at least a 3.0 GPA) directly into year one of a university arts program. Centennial College’s educational partners include: Athabasca University, Griffith University, Ryerson University and York University. They may also apply for Centennial College’s Communication Arts, Child Studies, Community Services, or Hospitality and Tourism Administration programs.