Post-secondary education is a decisive factor that plays a critical role in shaping your career. You may want to learn more about available college certifications and diploma and degree programs before you decide to enroll in a particular program. There may be another situation when you already know whether you want to study social sciences or humanities in college but do not fulfill eligibility criteria for that particular course.

What is the way out? Well, if you're stuck in either of the above mentioned situations, you may consider enrolling in a general arts and science program at Centennial College Toronto. This one-year arts program will help you in:
  • Exploring available options in the desired field of study
  • Obtaining eligibility criteria for the social sciences, humanities or tourism courses
  • Upgrading your academic skills
  • Earning credits towards the program of your choice
  • Learning about various arts degree Toronto programs

What can you expect from the course?

With General Arts and Science program, you can expect to build solid foundations in math in digital age, concepts in social sciences and humanities, principles of sociology, developmental psychology, human genomics, twentieth century history, communications, contemporary Canada – places, people and perspectives and logical self-defense.

The program is delivered by highly qualified and experienced faculty members. They guide and help you in exploring your career options and choosing the right program that suits your interests and career goals. It's more like a preparatory program that prepares you for a full-fledged and specialized college program.

Apart from this, you also gain perspective of the Canadian working environment and what industry expects from graduates. This helps you align your interests and career goals with industry expectations. You also explore the range of career options that various industries, including tourism, hospitality, and community service and child studies offer.

The Centennial Difference

Well, a number of Canadian colleges offer General Arts and Sciences programs. But Centennial College Toronto offers unique benefits to its students, which include:
  • Individual attention
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Flexibility to explore programs and career options
  • Individualized educational support
  • Opportunities to directly enroll in general arts and sciences program of your choice

Admission Prerequisites

Students who have completed their post-secondary education are eligible to apply for this program. They may send their applications online, in person or via mail, along with required documents, such as mature students status or secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. Those who don't meet language proficiency requirements will need to take college's English Skills Assessment for admission.

Once they send their applications to the college, they need to notify their guidance counsellor that they have applied to the course. If college needs any additional documents to confirm their eligibility, they will be responsible for requesting their educational institutes to send the required transcripts to the college.

International students interested in applying to this course must have the transcripts assessed by an independent credential assessment agency before submitting their applications. Their applications will be denied if they fail to do so.