A post-secondary art and design foundation studies program is a preparatory program for a college diploma or degree-level art and design program. It is designed for those high school graduates who wish to study and build careers in fine arts studio, digital animation, game design, interactive digital media, graphic design media and product and industrial design but do not fulfill the admission requirements for these courses.

Typically it is a one-year preparatory course which carefully blends theory and practical and prepares students for university or college-level courses. Most of the times, students who qualify this course are directly accepted into a diploma or degree program at the college. A notable feature of design and art foundation course is that it is carried in a college-like setting and offers a broad-based knowledge of both traditional and digital media.

In order to be eligible for this program, students will need a secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent and required minimum scores in English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. If they are not able to fulfill English language requirements, they will need to take English skills assessment by the college.

What Do Students Study?

Centennial College’s design and art foundation program covers creativity in context, portfolio development, digital imaging, colour studio, communications, visual culture, visual design fundamentals, drawing, digital art and design studio, time-based art and design and 3D art and design studio.

The art design college opens up doors to new career paths, by helping students obtaining the eligibility for numerous design, animation, fine arts, digital media and game design programs. The diploma earned reflects high learning standards and students can also apply their credits towards a professional arts degree at Athabasca University Canada.

Benefits of an Art and Design Foundation Program

This one year program will help students in:

  • Gaining current and practical and hands-on education in design and art-related fields
  • Developing a comprehensive portfolio of artwork required for admission to the specialized art and design programs
  • Developing creative and practical skills in studio
  • Developing a familiarity with digital media, colour theory, 3D art and design and drawing
  • Gaining critical basics for a career in art and design
  • Exploring various career options associated with art and design courses
  • Exploring their specific interests and career goals

Current Status

The foundational studies program in art and design have been a major source of acquiring knowledge in art and design subjects and obtaining eligibility for animation, fine arts and architectural design courses for high school students in Canada. High school graduates can’t directly apply to this program. But an admission to this course is granted as an alternate offer to those who have applied to, but don’t meet admission requirements for diploma or degree programs like Digital Animation, Fine Arts Studio, Game Art and Design and Graphic Design Media.

Centennial’s design and art foundation course has been created by industry leaders. Therefore the education is current and hands-on. Plus students develop the skills that are needed in an evolving workplace.