Are you aspiring to become a finance professional for your career? Looking out for a financial planning program in Canada? There are many colleges which offer such programs to individuals so that they can grow in their dream career aspect. Here in Canada, there is Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards who certifies an individual to become a Certified Financial Planner and start with your legal practice.

Here are few steps shown as how a student can can become a Financial Planner and get on for industry practice:

1. A certified planner has to deal with different people to help them in managing their finances while meeting their needs. If you wish to grow as Financial Planner, take up a Bachelor's Degree from reputed college in Canada. There are options for subject specialization such as:
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Math
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Income Tax
  • Retirement
  • Investments

Apart from Canada, there are many well-known colleges which offer Finance related courses that meets the requirements of being a professional finance planner. The subjects learnt are estate planning, financial planning, employee insurance & its benefits and few others.

2. Professional Financial Planning helps you to gain relevant experience along with offering you Financial Planning Certificate after which you can apply for Level 1 Financial Planning Examination Certificate & CFP Award. The prior one needs to be taken either in the month of July or November at test centers across the country. The paper contains questions persisting to the core-curriculum courses learnt for bachelor ate degree.

3. You must opt for Certified Financial Planner exam in the span of maximum five years after the program is completed. After this only, you are eligible to opt for exam and if you want to opt for this certificate, a criteria for three years of work experience is required.

4. CFP's Board Examination is a vital step while you're planning to become a professional in this field after opting for it. It is a 10 hours test which each student needs to appear for which is taken in March, July and November. This exam's form needs to be filled up online and consists of seven areas where any individual requires passing it on for each section. There are few tips and relevant information which is available over internet while you plan for taking up this exam. Once any individual passes this exam successfully, he or she is bound to get certificate adhering to the standard principles to fetch CFP Award.

5. After CFP certificate comes the Level 2 Financial Planning Examination (FPE 2) for which FPE1 Certificate and with that one year of three years of planner's experience in the industry is required for being qualified for the exam.

After you get passed through all these exams including three years of work experience, you may apply for FPSC for CSP Certification.