So, you have just completed your high school, and are now looking at various courses that prospective colleges offer. However, deep down you know that you still have to cover a lot and obtain eligibility to apply for the chosen courses.

Or you may want to take some more time to explore various career options that arts and science fields have to offer. You may also want to identify your specific interests while understanding the skills requirement for a particular career.

Most students enter universities or colleges without knowing what they want to do in their lives and what they like to study. And they regret their decision later in life. It's a great idea to enroll in a general arts and science course, in order to bridge the knowledge gap and explore your interests and career options, instead of just getting into any course. Don't be afraid to take this step, as later on you will realize how important it was for you to build a career in a field that you loved the most.

The reasons for choosing a program in general arts and sciences can be endless. But Centennial College can help you reach every single goal of yours. Whether you're interested in earning credits for college studies, exploring your interests, or just seeking expert guidance for your career in a related field, the program makes the right choice for you. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider this program:

1.It drives you towards academic success.

As the learning takes place in a college environment, it becomes more enjoyable. The reason being, you have access to more advanced resources, such as library, computer labs, and expert counselling. You learn in a friendly environment. Your instructors no longer treat you as school kids. They don't monitor you yet they offer immediate help and support whenever you need. While refining your concepts in humanities, social sciences, psychology, communications, arts and sociology, you also grow personally.

2.You have the choice and convenience to choose the program length.

You may be thinking if it is possible to choose the program length. Believe it or not, Centennial gives you complete freedom to choose the program duration. Actually, it depends on your future goals. The general arts program runs for two semesters and the duration depends upon what career path you want to choose and what GPA you need to enter a college arts or science program.

3.The general arts program can lead you to the right career path.

Take a moment and ask yourself: How many people around you are happy with their careers? They keep complaining about why they couldn't pursue what they loved to do. Do you want to see yourself standing there after a couple of years? It is very well possible to build a career in an area that you love the most. There is a way to explore your interests and pursue them.

Centennial College has strong student support structure to provide help with both personal and academic concerns. The faculty at the school of advancement are skilled and dedicated to help you reach your goals.

For example: Say you want to pursue a career in hospitality. The industry offers several diverse fields, such as restaurant operations, travel and tourism, heritage and culture tourism, kitchen management, catering, festival and conference and so on. In what area do you want to work?

Most students coming out of high school are unaware of the diverse career paths that a particular sector offers. Fortunately, the general arts program offers you the foresight to pick the right path.