Centennial College’s bachelor degree program in applied information sciences – computer and communication networks opens doors to numerous career options. It’s a multidisciplinary course that covers technology and business subjects, preparing students for sustainable careers in the field of communication and computer networking in the ever-changing business environment.

The four-year program is offers the right blend of theory and practical, helping students develop strong technological and business fundamentals, project management, client relationship management, entrepreneurship, communication and business consulting skills. The computer networking training course at Centennial has been granted consent by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to address the critical need for networking professionals in Ontario. This means it meets all quality standards regarding program curriculum, practical experience and qualification and ability of teaching staff.

Employment Options upon Graduation

  • IT Project Manager: IT project managers are professionals responsible for planning, execution and maintaining IT projects for different clients of the company. They seldom participate directly in activities related to designing, programming, developing and testing an IT application. They rather are responsible for maintaining the progress of various tasks, streamlining the interaction, ensuring the teamwork, restricting the cost and communicating with clients.

  • Technical Account Manager: Technical account managers are responsible for handling technical aspects of a company’s relationship with its clients. They may also be responsible for technical sales and consultancy, ongoing technical support and monitoring product performance to ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships.

  • Network Administrator: Network administrators are the professionals who are responsible for the maintenance of computer software systems and hardware that make up computer and communication networking system of a company. They are also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the system and related equipment. They also are involved in installing and implementing security programs.

  • Business Account Manager: Business account managers are responsible for the management of sales and relationships with clients. They serve as an interface between the customers and sales and technical team of the company. They are responsible for maintaining long term relationships with the clients as well as up-selling and cross-selling, and acquiring new clients.

  • Network Analyst: Network analysts are responsible for planning, designing, analyzing, and providing technical support for data communication network within a company. They are also involved in evaluation of network technology and recommending the purchase of new equipment to establish to strengthen the communication network of a company.

  • Security Analyst: Security analysts are responsible for maintaining the security of information within the company. They analyze the effectiveness of security measures and address the flaws in information security system of the company. They are also responsible for protecting sensitive information of the company and ensuring that the communication network of the company is secured to prevent unauthorized access.

The computer training and business communication course offers excellent employment prospects. The students are also given an opportunity to study further and seek more advanced career opportunities. The program graduates are eligible to apply their academic rewards for further studies with selected universities, colleges and institutions.