Office administration is a set of day-to-day activities that are undertaken to facilitate the smooth running of an office. The activities may include record keeping, billing, and financial planning, logistics planning, implementing policies, presentation preparation, composing business correspondence and planning work assignments for staff. Administrative assistants may handle multiple functions as a part of their job role. However, the exact responsibilities depend upon the type of employment, and individual qualifications and experience.

Career Prospects

Employment prospects in this field are bright. Every office needs efficient personnel who can ensure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly and every detail is sorted out. It is the responsibility of an office administrator to keep everything organized, from to-do lists, travel arrangements, conferences and client meetings, office stationery supplies and so on.

Although the job prospects in this area are bright but the world of business has grown exceptionally competitive lately. And therefore, the needs, preferences and expectations of employers have also changed. You need to have certain competencies, along with basic education in office administration that you would require for the job.

The role of office administrators has changed drastically over the years. You are expected to possess excellent office and business skills, work on automated office systems, have up-to-date knowledge of current business trends and requirements, and support officials in their day-to-day tasks. You must also have extensive internet research abilities, document production skills and client service and time management skills. Some employers may also expect basic accounting skills.

Office Administration Training

A post-secondary program in office administration teaches you how to handle multiple functions efficiently in an office. It prepares you for positions as administrative assistant, senior secretary, executive secretary and administrative support officer, by covering full range of office and business skills.

The two-year program covers a wide range of subjects, including Communications, Microcomputers, Introduction to Word Processing, Transcription Techniques, Financial Procedures, Word Processing Applications, Office Procedures and Communications, Accounting Fundamentals, Executive Communications, Executive Office Procedures, Integrated Software Applications, Computerized Bookkeeping and Executive Office Software.

Choosing the Right Office Administration Program

There are numerous office administration schools in Canada offering basic and advanced programs in this discipline. However, all may not offer you industry exposure, which is required to seek entry to the world of work after graduation. Centennial College’s program incorporates an industry field placement in fourth semester, to give you hands-on experience. This is an opportunity for you to put your learning into practice and gain relevant industry contacts. Moreover, you get an understanding of how things work in a real world setting and what contemporary organizations expect from office administrators.

The diploma that is earned reflects high standards of learning as it not only covers office procedures but also provides you training in automated office systems, such as word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software. Moreover, you can choose to apply your academic credits towards further study at associated universities or pursue your career after graduation.