According to the government website, Education in Canada, students in the country rank highly in reading, literacy, and math and sciences. Its post secondary institutions are innovation hubs, having already created some of the world's useful applications and technologies. Canada has proven to be a forefront runner for excellence in education.

By applying to one of Canada's colleges, you will become a part of the exciting revolution. Have equal opportunities for advancement and career opportunities. Obtain a Toronto education in one of the city's most committed college. Centennial College is the oldest college in the province, yet its modern approach to learning is quite refreshing. It offers a wide spectrum of programs in its four campuses that allows graduates to enter every industry. It also has satellite sites to reach students in other areas of the city and the Greater Toronto Area. However, learning comes in all shapes and sizes as Centennial extends its teaching outside of its facilities through distance learning.

Full-time and part-time studies can be taken through distance learning. It is an option to save some time from commuting to the college campus, so some full-time students choose several courses to be done online. There are also students who need this time away from school in order to take care of other responsibilities, so they enroll in part-time programs or take individual courses. The flexibility in time, work area, and pace is beneficial to student success. No excuse is acceptable to refuse higher education, but responsibilities do arise and they are reasons why distance learning courses exist.

Distance learning can take on several forms. Learning can take place at home, in a library or any place that encourages productivity for the student. Lessons can be completed at a slower pace, or done in an accelerated format, to help with the student's schedule and career goals. More importantly, studies are flexible in time to accommodate the learner's preferences. Generally speaking, students can study when they want, whether it is late in the evening, in the weekends, or irregular time and days of the week. Since Centennial wants to help students to have some structure and complete their studies, time is flexible to the extent that students must meet deadlines and complete the course within a specific time allotted, which is usually a semester or four months.

The course offering ranges in different areas of interest. These include accounting and finance, a variety of business courses, healthcare, community, hospitality, media and design, and transportation. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, students learn to manage their time in order to cope with the workload. The classes are designed to teach students of the same way in-class courses are taught, minus the in-person professor. However, students receive quality education through printed course materials and online resources, and are still able to send and receive questions and feedback to instructors by e-mail.

By offering distance learning, Centennial is giving the opportunity to share its knowledge and resources to students who may not be able to attend traditional college. Its print-based and online programs offer flexibility for students who want to study at their own time and pace. Distance learners complete their education with many opportunities, including further studies and a start a rewarding career.