Marketing is the core function of any business. It allows them to identify, understand and fulfill the demands of customers. The scope of marketing expands beyond advertising and promotion and covers everything, including research, planning, pricing, packaging, publicity, distribution and selling.

Almost every business relies heavily on this particular function to sustain and grow. And this is why there has been a constant demand for marketing professionals regardless of the ups and downs in the economy. Not only this, the demand for business marketing graduates is expected to increase in future. This is primarily due to the emergence of new marketing and advertising channels and constantly changing market trends and consumer needs. Contemporary organizations need to focus more on their marketing activities that suit modern lifestyle.

The career prospects in this field are never bleak. In fact, the scope of marketing is constantly expanding. Although it offers numerous exciting employment opportunities but the job market is more competitive than ever. Employers are keen on hiring business marketing professionals who possess deep understanding of the current business environment, understand customer psychology, can research market trends, and help them understand specific customer needs, promote their products and communicate effectively with their customers.

Business Marketing Programs

A diploma in business marketing will give you the knowledge, skills and training required to build a rewarding career in this field. You will understand the important role that marketing plays in the success of a business. You will also examine industry trends, analyze consumer behaviour and identify opportunities in the marketplace.

Along with this, you will have an opportunity to learn the basics of business, including accounting, operations, human resources, organizational behaviour, micro and macro economics, international business and marketing communications. A strong emphasis is laid on business communications and computer education.

The program not only prepares you for entry-level jobs in marketing but also helps your obtain academic credits to apply for a business marketing degree at the university. You may choose to either pursue your career or study further upon graduation.

Choosing the Right Program

Numerous Canadian colleges offer post-secondary business marketing programs. But it’s important to choose a program that is recognized and offers excellent employment prospects. Centennial College’s two-year diploma in business marketing reflects high standards of learning. Moreover, the diploma earned is recognized in Canada and abroad.
The USP of this program is that it offers a combination of broad marketing concepts and specialized marketing skills. This helps you gain a deep understanding of the current business environment and develop necessary skills to seek employment.

The college adopts an interactive teaching approach and incorporates learning through case studies, guest lectures, projects, presentations, computer simulations and technologies. It encourages mastery of critical problem solving, decision making, logical thinking, creative, clear and persuasive communications. Furthermore, the college sponsors selected marketing students in province-wide and national academic competitions.

The business marketing course prepares you for careers as merchandising supervisors, sales representatives, product consultants, merchandising assistants and customer service representatives with companies across all industry verticals.