Traditionally, legal industry has been dominated by lawyers/ attorneys and judges. Of late, demand for court support professionals has increased significantly. This has resulted from the constant evolution of the industry and legal framework. Court support services are now considered vital to smooth functioning of court procedures and effective administration of solicitors' and judges' offices.

Most attorneys and judges and almost all courts (including municipal courts, tribunals and boards, district courts and the Ministry of the Attorney General) in Canada need support services in order to manage their routine affairs. They hire court clerks who are well-versed in legal terminology, have undergone formal education and training, and possess hands-on experience in a variety of courtroom settings.

Court Support Services Education in Toronto

The career prospects in this field seem bright because of the constant growth in legal industry. Individuals with specialized education and practical hands-on experience in this field now have better employment opportunities. The job prospects are anticipated to improve further due to the emergence of private legal firms. Therefore, this can be considered the right time to launch you on this particular career path.

Interested candidates may consider enrolling themselves in a post-secondary court support services program. It typically runs for one year and provides you with the education and hands-on skills training that's been approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General. This means you will be able to get into the world of work in just one year.

Getting into a Court Support Services Program

As this is a post-secondary program, you will need to complete your secondary education in order to be eligible to apply for this program. However, before applying for a program in court support services, it is recommended to conduct a thorough research and choose a program wisely. Not all colleges offer practical hands-on experience in real world court settings. Moreover, not all courses are accredited.

It is important to ensure that the court clerk training program you choose
  • Is approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Incorporates practical and career-oriented assignments
  • Integrates hands-on learning in a stimulated courtroom setting
  • Emphasizes on current issues in Canadian Law
  • Includes computer education
  • Focuses on ethics and professional conduct

Centennial College's program in court support services meets all the above mentioned criteria and offers students an ongoing exposure to the real world environment.

In order to become employable, it is essential to have industry exposure and practical experience in court support services. The college program enhances the learning experience of students by incorporating attendances in family courts, criminal, small claims and municipal court settings and various tribunal hearings. The municipal court training also helps students understand how they are expected to conduct themselves when they actually assume their job role.

The program graduates can pursue their careers as court monitors, court clerks, court reporters, transcriptionists or court stenographers. They may also work with private law firms. The exact job roles and responsibilities depend on their employment and the organization they work with.