Post-secondary education isn't meant to be limiting. While for many the thought of attending school evokes being chained to a desk five times a week and having to give up full-time jobs or other responsibilities, this just isn't the case. In today's day and age there are various options that will allow you to obtain a respected post-secondary credential that employers recognize and that will give you the skills you need to be not only employable but also in demand.

One of the most popular options for learners who have a hectic schedule is partaking in part-time studies. A respected post-secondary education that offers a School of Continuing Education is also Ontario's first community college. Centennial College is based in Toronto and sees enrollment in a wide range of areas including: Business, Communications, Media and Design; Community and Health Studies, Transportation, Hospitality, Tourism and Culture; and Engineering, Technology and Applied Science.

The students who wish to attend part-time studies have additional options as well. Let's take a closer look at them.

Visual and Hands-on Learners: For students who prefer a traditional classroom environment and learn best by watching and then doing, there are part-time classes. These classes are conducted during the evenings and weekends in fully equipped classrooms at Centennial College's four campuses (Progress, Morningside, The Story Arts Centre and Ashtonbee). With on-campus, part-time classes students get to enjoy hands-on activities such as presentations and projects. They also get to work in groups and interact with their peers during class discussions and debates.

Independent Learners Who Seek a Classroom Feel: For those who are too busy to attend classes online and are okay with learning without the constant supervision of instructors, there are online classes. The classroom feel comes from having access to virtual classrooms that feature discussion boards and forums where students can collaborate, discuss their ideas and any questions they may have. Additionally, students have access to their instructors from whom they may seek guidance should they run into any trouble with content.

Totally Independent Learners: For those who may either not have access to a computer or prefer hand-written materials, there is Print-Based Correspondence. This option within the School of continuing education is completed in a six-month period during which students complete material that has been mailed to their home. A facilitator (tutor) is assigned to assist students with their assignments should they need it.

With both Distance Learning options (online and print-based), students must come into Centennial College for their final exams. These exams must be scheduled within a certain time period after the completion of the offering.