Computer Systems Technology - Networking is a three-year offering at Centennial College for those who are interested in jobs in technical support for the growing mesh of Internet, intranet, extranet and telecoms. To ensure that students receive the most up-to-date information, they are taught with ever-growing innovations of the digital revolution in mind. As such, students gain hands-on experience with the latest equipment and techniques for copper/fiber cabling certification and network troubleshooting.

Here is a closer look at the computer networking training through an examination of some of its courses.

Network Technologies: As a fundamental course, this aspect of the program sees students spend time in both theoretical lectures and labs covering base information behind LANs, WANs and their technologies. The lab classes are an opportunity for students to install, configure and troubleshoot a physical network environment.

Data Communications: This is the follow-up course to Network Technologies and helps students to easily understand the concepts in data communications used in voice, video and data networks, and put them in practice in laboratory.

Network Devices: Students become familiar with the functions and impact of switches and routers, and solidify their knowledge by configuring these devices in a hands-on environment. Students also examine tools for debugging and troubleshooting network connectivity and discuss security and privacy issues.

Network Services: This overview course looks at the services offered on Windows Server 2008 and Linux platforms - from installation to configuration, to management and monitoring. As with many of the other courses in this program, hands-on application is employed as students install, configure, and administer email, Web, collaboration and data services. Through group and individual projects, students also become skilled in troubleshooting and maintaining the services and the server environment.

Technologist Project: After completing the fifth-semester Fundamentals of Project Management course, students design a project that fulfills the specs laid down to accomplish business objectives. They work in a team to handle the various aspects of the project and preserve clear and accurate project related documents, which adhere to industry standards. During the implementation process, students go through configuration and troubleshooting exercises, using a systematic approach and diagnostic tools to solve problems.

Once students successfully complete each computer networking course in Toronto, they are prepared to obtain their Ontario College Advanced Diploma and enter positions as computer systems technologists, field service representatives, network technologists, network technical support specialists, help desk support, LAN support and LAN administrators. Among the companies that have hired previous grads are Enbridge Consumers Gas, StorageTek, Toronto Hydro and Transport Canada.

Additionally, graduates of Centennial College are prepared to pursue industry standard certifications such as Comptia A+, Net+, iNet, Cisco CCNA, Novell CNE, Microsoft Win2000 Professional and Server.