Did you know that Centennial College offers a very wide range of programs in various areas to ensure that anyone looking for a practical education that will impress employers can achieve his or her goals? Whether you're interested in training for your current or future career, earning transfer credits for university studies, or just pursuing your interests, Centennial College can help you reach your goals. The school offers more than 100 full-time programs, more than 160 part-time programs and thousands of part-time courses.

The college programs at Centennial College are split into Schools of Study that are located at campuses outfitted with unique facilities to enhance learning. Here is a look at the Schools within Centennial College.

School of Business: The 30 programs within this area help students to build not only business skills but also develop innovative thinking techniques. Programs range from one semester to three years and include co-op placements, work-integrated learning placements, and multiple Degree partnerships. Additionally, programs are current and relevant, regularly taking input and advice from business leaders and organizations, employment experts, community agencies, and alumni.

School of Communications, Media and Design: Those with an interest in the creative fields can attend programs that include Art and Design Foundation Studies, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Digital Animation and more. Students have educational opportunities through the school's partnership with the Toronto Centre for the Arts (TCA) — a world-class performing arts centre where they can enjoy the facility and have their artwork is showcased at the TCA's art gallery.

School of Community and Health Studies: Whether it is helping someone lead a better life, nursing a patient back health, teaching a child how to read or protecting a community from harm, this is the School of study for you. State-of-the-art laboratories where students receive hands-on experience in a stimulated environment are one of the highlights of any program in this area.

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS): As technology evolves, so do the college programs in this area. All courses consist of new, leading-edge technologies, higher standards, and the introduction of exciting and innovative approaches to the way we engage communities. Students are also exposed to global and bilateral partnerships and, as such, are prepared for intermediate level positions as opposed to the standard entry-level option.

School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture: Accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, travel services, and recreation and entertainment are all covered in this School. Within all programs students learn business practices in marketing, human resources, finance and industry operations — as applied to the entire hospitality and tourism field.

School of Transportation: Automotive, aviation, heavy-duty equipment, motorcycles and truck and coach are all areas within this School. Students train out of the largest transportation training centre in Canada, which includes a fully equipped hangar for aerospace and avionics students. All of these programs are supported and reviewed by industry representatives to ensure they are of the highest quality. Partners of the School of Transportation include General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Canadian Tire, Volvo, Freight-liner, Honda and Air Canada.