Make a positive impact in the world as you venture to your next milestone in life. Choose a postsecondary program that leads to a career that helps change the world for the better. One such path can be found in healthcare, where a partnership between two colleges and a university for a nursing program Toronto is on offer. It is a four-year commitment of academic excellence and relevant practical experience for students who enroll in Centennial College’s Nursing (BScN) program.


The partnership between Centennial College, George Brown College, and Ryerson University allows students to complete the first two years of the program in college, where plenty of applied learning is taught. The rest of the nursing program is finished at university, where credits are transferred and students earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Centennial nursing students have plenty of benefits during their two-year stay at the School of Community and Health Studies, including the following:


  • There is a mentorship program focused on nursing students, where first year students are paired with senior students to help first years transition into the program.
  • Students can get additional help through a free tutoring program, with a wide variety of nursing courses being taught by qualified students.
  • Experienced faculty, some still practicing in the field, give students a realistic approach to the nursing profession, providing their own examples of problems and solutions they encountered on the job.
  • Plenty of hands-on experience will be gained in this program, with many courses involving a practical lab component at Centennial’s state-of-the-art healthcare labs. Students will practice the technical skills in simulation labs with patient dummies and real nursing tools.
  • Additionally, weeks of mandatory clinical placement is offered, where students care for real patients while experienced proctors supervise.


Students “can work anywhere. They can work in hospitals, in the community, leadership in healthcare, sometimes in policy, occupational health (and various other areas),” says Centennial nursing professor, Michelle Connell. Nursing students are competent in the knowledge and skills developed in Centennial that they are able to transition to university-level of studies and adapt to any workplace settings in the nursing field. Students are not only taught science courses but they are taught about every aspect of nursing, with the curriculum focused on five main themes:


  • primary healthcare and health promotion,
  • reflective practice and critical thinking,
  • meaningful relationships, caring, and communication,
  • political and social justice, and
  • personal and professional development.


As students move on to university, they can connect their experience with the theories to comprehend the academic learning better. Courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, and Nursing Practice help put Centennial College as one of the best nursing school in Toronto. The Nursing (BScN) program has accepted all types of students, from high school graduates to mature students to international students, with outstanding academic records. Many have graduated to start their nursing career starting at various entry-level positions in hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions, and other healthcare settings.