Attending college offers students a unique experience that allows for learning from a practical approach. However, college isn't only an educational experience. It also helps people to step out of their comfort zone by meeting new people, partaking in on-campus activities and networking. Let's take a closer look at the balance between work and play in one's college experience.

Most colleges are known for ensuring that their college courses offer theory and practice. Therefore, the school you choose should include some sort of practical application in each of its courses. At Centennial College, for example, students of all Schools of Study — Transportation, Business, Communications, Media and Design; Community and Health Studies, Engineering, Technology and Applied Science; and Hospitality, Tourism and Culture — get to apply what they learn in some way. Among common practical applications that students may experience in their courses are: field trips to companies in their chosen field, listening to guest speakers and engaging in discussions with them, case studies, simulated real-world assignments, projects, role playing, participation in competitions, field placements, internships and more.

Additionally, many of these courses prepare students for a range of other designations and exams. For example, Police Foundation students attend a Police Prep courses, which offers a comprehensive approach in preparing for the application and testing process to become a police officer. Meanwhile, those in Architectural Technology are able to gain membership in the Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS), which can lead to Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) membership as a Licensed Technologist OAA.

These college courses can be challenging and Centennial College recognizes how important it is for students to relax and unwind. That's why all four of Centennial's campuses (Progress, Morningside, Ashtonbee and the Story Arts Centre) have numerous services that will provide students support, entertainment, and expand their learning.

For example, Centennial College's Athletics and Recreation has seen a resurgence and growth. It is now aiming to take Centennial College to the top of the Ontario College sport landscape. From the experienced recreation staff, knowledgeable fitness staff to the industry leading facilities and equipment, the recreation experience can be memorable for students at all levels.

Additionally, the school offers a range of activities through its clubs and associations. There are many benefits to joining a club, including building relationships, meeting a diverse range of people, developing networking skills and continuing to grow. Current student clubs include: Software Engineering Student Council, Leaders in Efficient Architectural Design, The Society of Aerospace Students, Hindu Y.U.V.A., Automation and Robotics Student Society, Electronics and Computer Engineering Student Society, Centennial College Students Section – PMI, Club Paramedic, Mechanical Engineering Student Association, Centennial Student Club of Bangladesh and Student Centre Smashers.