One of the main attractions of a big event is the food. Come fresh and come on time, food quality and timely delivery of the food service is crucial to catering. To learn more about the management of restaurant and catering services, a solid training from a hospitality management program is required. This can be found at Centennial College with its Hospitality Management – Restaurant and Catering Program.

Located at the main campus, Progress Campus, Centennial teaches its hospitality students of the basic foundations, leading to a more specialized curriculum with practical experience in its modern kitchens and realistic restaurant settings. Plenty of unique experiences await students who enroll in this postsecondary institution and this program. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:
  • The college is well-known for its hands-on experience training in which it incorporates to this program through its lab facilities, where students practice their hospitality management skills.
  • Centennial owns a restaurant, called Horizons, where Restaurant and Catering students can apply their classroom knowledge and work with real clients in the restaurant industry.
  • External organizations partnered with the college to provide field placements for students, so they can gain further hands-on experience and on-the-job training skills in their industry.
  • Students also get the chance to network with industry professionals during their placements, as well as other school-hosted events, where many are hired upon graduation.
  • This program includes lessons to certify students with the following: Smart Serve and the National Sanitation Training certificate.
  • This program is accredited by UNWTO TedQual, an organization which ensures quality hospitality and tourism programs at educational institutions.
  • Students are well-rounded, learning about various departments in restaurants, as well as different management teams, such as Human Resources, Accounting, and Marketing.

There is plenty of applied learning at the college and off campus that Centennial provides. However, its academic training in the classrooms are just as relevant to employers as it teaches valuable skills sought-out in the industry. Students can think critically and communicate effectively, by analyzing case studies and practicing through assignments and group projects. They are engaged in menu management program as they discover cuisines in different cultures and implement them on a small and large-scale food production. Furthermore, business skills are important in management, so students are taught the foundations of different business functions, so they can understand the operations of a restaurant and catering services.

Upon entering the job market, many employers in the hospitality industry seek college education from their workers, as well as relevant experience. Centennial College provides both in the Hospitality Management – Restaurant and Catering program, through interactive classes, lab practices, and field placements. After two years in this hospitality program, students can kick start their careers as skilled kitchen managers.