Going back to school can be as intimidating as going to school for the first time. Whether you are a professional who is returning to post-secondary education to upgrade your skills to move up in your industry or perhaps open your own business or you graduated from high school some time ago and are now deciding to go back to school to launch a new career, Centennial College has many features that take into consideration the mature learner.

Partaking in Continuing Education in Toronto can be a unique experience for a range of reasons. For example, you are studying in Canada's most multicultural city, which is a hub for many of the country's industries and offers an exciting nightlife as well as cultural events. Studying at Centennial College also reflects that, while making students comfortable with returning to school. To start, students can attend CE Orientation. These sessions are staged at Progress Campus, the institution's largest location, and expose students to the campus from which they will attend classes, services available to adult learners, and the technology used in your courses. Free parking is available at these events. What do you have to do to prepare? Simply bring a pen and some paper to take notes, your timetable and any questions you have about being a CE Student. Additionally, to help guide you during your time at the CE School are Career Assessment Workshops, which are offered by the Counselling Centre and Career Services. The purpose of these workshops is to ensure that you decide on a career path based on your interests, values and skills.

So just what type of Toronto education does this School of continuing education offer? There are over 1,300 courses and programs that cover areas such as business, communications, community services, engineering and technology, general education and teaching as well as transportation and motorcycle. Students attend classes at campuses that are designed to cater to the curriculums of certain programs. For example, those attending a business program will be based at Progress Campus, which features the latest software that students will encounter in the field as well as access to the practices of successful companies to obtain an idea of what to expect in the field.

If all of this information is helpful but just doesn't appeal to you because you don't have time to attend classes during the evenings or weekends, fret not. Centennial College's CE options include a method called distance learning. Students can choose either 24-hour access to an online classroom or Print-Based Correspondence, by which materials are mailed to them via traditional mail.