The duties of a marketer vary depending on the professional’s chosen path. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook, here are some of the tasks that marketing professionals perform:

  • Negotiate contracts, advertising media, or products to be advertised
  • Research and plan advertising campaigns
  • Decide which media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online and billboards
  • Inspect creative elements and layouts
  • Organize market research studies and analyze their findings
  • Develop pricing strategies for products to be marketed, keeping the client’s budget balanced with the firm’s needs
  • Meet with clients to present campaigns and offer advice and strategies
  • Oversee staff and ensure deadlines are met

As one of Toronto’s respected Business Marketing Programs, Centennial College’s Business – Marketing offering readies students for positions that include: sales representatives, customer service representatives, product consultants, merchandising assistants and merchandising supervisors. Additionally, the offering enjoys educational partnerships with a range of institutions that allow students to apply credits earned at Centennial towards further study. The Marketing undertaking’s partners are: University of Lethbridge, Algoma University, University of New Brunswick, Davenport University, Athabasca University, Griffith University, Royal Roads University, University of Windsor, Ryerson University and University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

The structure of the program is carefully paced and begins by offering students an overview of the business world. This is presented through a three-semester curriculum that is common for most business programs in Centennial College’s School of Business. Not only does this structure allow students to learn about the business world and basic concepts, it also ensures that marketing is the route students wish to take in terms of their education. If, for example, students thoroughly enjoy the Business Operations course, they may decide that the Business Operations program is for them.

Once students decide Marketing is the program for them, they transition to learning more specific marketing skills such as principles of marketing, marketing communications, professional selling, practical applications in marketing, and more. These topics are covered through training that includes computer practice in popular business software, presentations and more. An experienced marketing faculty provides individual attention and advice to students during class. Instructors also make themselves available should students require extra advice or help with any questions they may have about content. This creates an inclusive environment in which students and instructors forge professional relationships that further enhance their experience at Centennial College.

This program is proof that a business marketing degree is not the only credential that is respected in the field. Centennial College grads have solidified positions with financial services, electronics, food and beverage, not-for-profit sector and government agencies in both small and large businesses.