Today’s market place relies on an International Business Management model. There is a range of jobs that make up this field, which includes specialized areas of international business such as international development, small to medium-sized international entrepreneurship, trade and investment, global logistics and transportation and global management. At Centennial College’s program, students obtain know-how that doesn’t limit them to just one position but rather gives them the skills to enjoy careers as:

Foreign Investment and Risk Analysts: These professionals scrutinize a firm’s investment portfolios, which include overseas investments, and analyze the risk involved in associated decisions. They project potential losses, and make recommendations to limit risk through diversification, currency exchanges and other investment strategies.

Foreign Trade Consultants: Among the duties of these professionals are researching international trade legislation relating to all countries where trade activities are to occur; travelling to different countries to explore the markets first hand; assisting in advertising and marketing efforts of the business; ensuring company trade activities comply with local and international trade regulations and legislation; and more.

International Marketing Representatives: These professionals are responsible for the promotion of foreign trades of services and products; promoting, arranging, and executing foreign trade shows of products and services; preparing summaries, manuals, internal reports, briefings, and pamphlets on trade and investment; and more.

They may also pursue jobs as Commercial Bank Officers and International Development Assistants. All of these jobs are available to grads Centennial College’s offering, which takes three short semesters to complete and results in an Ontario College Graduate Certificate. Because it is a Graduate Certificate offering, to apply students are expected to have already completed a university degree or diploma and/or possess business experience. Once they are accepted, students partake in one semester that offers strictly foundational international business topics such as international banking and finance, global logistics, international business law and more. Once they are comfortable, students move onto specialized, industry-valued courses. Among these are: Comparative Geopolitical Systems, Global Business Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development, Developing an International Business Plan and International Marketing. For their final semester, students are sent into the field to test out the knowledge they gained during the two semesters of classes. In a real world setting, they have the opportunity to network and take instruction and direction from the employer regarding their tasks while at work.

Instructors in this International Business Management program In Toronto use case studies, simulations and project-based learning, with a focus on helping students to gain project management, teamwork, report writing and communication and presentation skills.