Marketing analysis is a discipline that is concerned with investigation of a special market within a special industry, to help organizations plan activities around promotions, talent recruitment, purchases and facility expansion and so on. The goal of market analysis is to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization.

Marketing research analysts conduct research, collect data and study information to help organizations or clients make informed decisions, which may include launching a product, deciding the price of a commodity or designing promotional campaign basis consumer preferences. Marketing analysts are also responsible for presenting the data in the forms of words, numbers, tables or graphs, so that the large quantities of information can be easily digested.

Employment Prospects

Employment for market research analysts is expected to grow at a much faster rate than the average for all occupations. The growth will be driven by an increased need for information related to the needs and wants of customers, current market trends and activities of competitors.

Marketing research analysts can find employment with companies across all industry verticals. However, the main employers include marketing research firms, loyalty program management companies, mobile marketing, e-marketing and direct marketing companies, and mid-to-large sized organizations with in-house analytical and research functions. Most analysts work full time during regular work hours. However, there may by a few jobs that require travelling.

Building Careers in Marketing Research Analytics

In order to get into marketing analysis, you need to be able to show specialized knowledge and a particular set of skills on your CV. These may include theoretical understanding and practical application of research methodologies, data mining techniques, survey techniques, statistical analysis and software, such as Environics Analytics Envision.

A postgraduate marketing research course can provide you the knowledge and skills required to build careers in this field. It’s an intensive and comprehensive program that helps you get to the world of work in just one year.

Program Details

The program covers a wide range of subjects, including Business Communications, Marketing, Marketing Analysis and Planning, Fundamentals of Marketing Research, Statistics for Marketing Research, Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics, Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics, Database Mining and Analytics, Fundamentals of Interactive Marketing, Fundamentals of Project Management and Advanced Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics.

Centennial College’s two-semester program in marketing research analytics consists of a mixture of lectures and labs where you are exposed to computer software, such as SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner that are used in the research and analytics field.

You as a program graduates not only receive an Ontario Graduate Certificate from the college but also get Certificates of Recognition from SAS (on completion of the three specified SAS courses in the program) and Environics Canada.

After Program Completion

You may choose to apply your academic credits towards further studies at the university or pursue your career as marketing research analyst, CRM analyst, web marketing analyst, sales data analyst, marketing strategy analysis, online marketing analyst, web marketing analyst, loyalty program analyst, direct response analyst and marketing strategy analyst.