Children's story writers develop fictional and non-fictional, educational and entertaining stories on the subject matters based on interests of children of a particular age group or as commissioned by an agent or a publishing company. They use their literary skills and imaginations to develop themes, storylines, plots and characters for reality shows, animated movies, storybooks, cartoon films and theatre shows for children.

Story writing for children is no longer limited to creating and developing stories for children's books or print media. The children's entertainment industry is continuously evolving. Therefore, the children's entertainment writers, producers and managers must possess the ability and skills to create age-appropriate stories and produce them in appropriate media.

A post-graduate program in children's entertainment - writing, producing and managing can prepare you for a career as a highly-skilled children's content writer and producer. Although there are no formal education requirements for building a career in this field but this program can put on the right path.

You can not only hone your creative writing skills but you also gain business skills and production management practices for development of children's content for various media - television, books, mobile, games, education products and films.

Career Prospects

The children's entertainment industry offers career opportunities in the fields of story writing for kids, project management, content management, licensing and merchandising, project development, children's television production and children's film production.

Typically, they are employed with film production houses, game development companies, education products development companies, radio channels, newspapers, magazines and online media companies.
The common work activities include:
  • Writing stories for children
  • Developing plots, themes and storylines
  • Editing and reporting
  • Rewriting and republishing
  • Producing films or documentaries using pre-written stories
  • Making characters and stories believable
More specific job responsibilities depend on the job title, type of employment, nature of business and work experience. Graduates of this program can also take up freelance writing assignments or establish an independent television production business.

Centennial College's children's children entertainment - writing, production and management program is a one-of-its-kind program that prepares you for a rewarding career in this industry. The post-graduate three-semester program combines classroom learning, working on on-site professional software, hands-on-practical learning and field placement.

It helps students in developing skills in writing for children's media, team building for creative production, the legal and regulatory aspects of children's media, marketing children's entertainment products and licensing and merchandising.

Formulated by some of the most respected contemporary writers, producers and leaders in children entertainment industry, the program intends to help students gain a thorough understanding of their audience in both domestic and international markets. Students are taught to adopt a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to their careers.

Enrolling in Children's Entertainment - Writing, Production and Management Program
In order to apply for this program, you will need to
  • Submit a college diploma or university degree in any discipline
  • Submit an up-to-date resume
  • Complete a writing assessment test
The college also considers applicants with partial post-secondary education (minimum two-years) and relevant work experience in a related field.